Most Useful Pokemon in Pokemon Go

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Aside from looking cute and evoking various anime and real-life references, Pokemon are also specialists in a particular area, each of them contributing something unique to the world. That stands for the popular Pokemon Go augmented reality game as well, with numerous choices to fill up your Pokemon Go accounts the right way!

Catching Pokemon all across your hometown is a big part of the fun this game brings, but learning how to combine their strong suits properly is also incredibly satisfying. Not every Pokemon is fit for every given task, and discovering what they’re best at can take time.

To solve such dilemmas, here are the most useful Pokemon in Pokemon Go – look for these choices and stay prepared for virtually any scenario. Let’s begin!

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Combat Power is an important stat to keep an eye on in Pokemon Go, and Slaking has it in spades. Sitting at an intimidating 5,010 CP, Slaking is the most durable Pokemon in the game, at least by numbers alone. Players use him to form the main defense line, and its Body Slam attack often does the job when required.

On the flip side, his offensive skills are not all that impressive, and more DPS-capable Pokemon remain a thorn in Slaking’s eye. To make the best out of him, it’s recommended to use Blissey as well, with the two Pokemon’s strengths coalescing into a paragon of impenetrability. 


Another defense-oriented Pokemon, Metagross’s psychic powers have a variety of uses that can easily turn the tides of battle. The Meteor Mash move is effective against Rock, Fair, and Ice Pokemon, which are often problematic to counter. Its Bullet Punch skill is very useful when it comes to endurance battles, as it will replenish your energies while doing quick damage to the opponent.  

That kit makes Metagross a mainstay of many Pokemon Go veterans’ Pokedexes. It is a Pokemon that fits into a great deal of combinations and will bolster the rest of your picks while slowing down all adversaries.


Dragons are a popular Pokemon type that’s formidable to fight against, and catching one in Pokemon Go will certainly not come easy. Currently, is one of the best dragon-type Pokemon in the game, with a 4,336 CP at max level and access to some of the most damaging attacks in Pokemon Go.

Outrage is an excellent opener for a lethal dragon combo, being a charge move that’s equally effective both in PvE and PvP. Next, follow it up with the Dragon Tail skill to dish out tons of damage in a mere ten-second time frame. The only flip side when it comes to Rayquaza is how difficult it is to catch it in the first place. Legendary rais are the only methods of coming across it, and at that point, you better have powerful Pokemon to tame it down.

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