Send Yourself a Christmas Gift Basket This Year!

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A new trend that has grown in popularity and for good reason is self-gifting. You are worthy of getting nice things too, so when you are looking at options for different gift baskets, Christchurch or elsewhere, keep yourself in mind as well. You could pamper yourself, indulge in some needed self-care, or even use a gift basket as a way to get a party started! Here are some ideas.

Self-care at Christmas and all year round

Christmas is a difficult time with a lot of people under stress to head to different events and parties, organize their own, gift buying and more. Many people celebrate at this time of year even when they are not active churchgoers. But Christmas does not have to be just about stress. You can treat yourself to something that allows you to take some much-needed ‘me time’ and you could use certain types of gift baskets to do this with, any time of the year. 

Enjoy a mix of Christmas-themed treats like mince pies with a warming drink like mulled wine and then have some bath products to enjoy like bath salts and bombs, a scented candle and so on. Put on a movie, and enjoy gift baskets Auckland that constrain a mix of your favourite sweet and salty snacks to indulge in as you watch! Or grab a favourite book, get under a soft new blanket and enjoy a cheese and wine basket as you read!

Afternoon tea is not just for Poms!

Afternoon tea is not just for those living in Britain! It is a great tradition and it is one you can gift to others as well as to yourself. There are lots of things you could put in it depending on what you enjoy. Traditional things like shortbread, scones and jam, clotted cream, fudge, cakes, and different teas. Or you could go for boozy gift baskets Christchurch with wine or Prosecco or Champagne even. Add some chocolates if you are a chocolate lover and you can get ready for an afternoon tea for one all to yourself whenever you need to take a time out.

Get festive one evening

How about adding to the festive feeling as you wrap gifts or write Christmas cards and treat yourself to a Christmas hamper to eat and drink from as you work? You could even get a small brandy Christmas pudding for one or two, some truffle chocolates, and some mince pies, or you could get something more nibbly like nuts, olives, different meats and such. Or if you are a coffee lover you could treat yourself to a coffee-themed basket with different coffee options, different toppers for coffee, and different snacks that go well with coffee. If you are entertaining you could even just order a larger hamper or several gift baskets Auckland and that can be the snacks and finger foods all handled!

Self-gift as a couple or family

If it is not just you in the home you could send a hamper to yourself and your partner, or to yourself and your immediate family. It can be hard to find time to go on a date or have family time so buy a hamper everyone will love and everyone can enjoy some time together as you explore what is in it. Create something romantic with wine, favourite foods, and candles, or something more family-themed with fun snacks or a build-your-own gingerbread house themed basket!