Popular Upgrades for UTVs

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UTV upgrades remain popular for a reason. Manufacturers are always finding new ways to improve on these amazing machines. When the time comes to upgrade a ride, what should an owner consider? What are some popular upgrades today?

Invest in a New Roof

A new roof might not be the first thing a person brings to mind when they consider upgrading their UTV. However, once they see the can am defender roof, it moves to the top of the list of future upgrades. In fact, a person might be so impressed they decide this upgrade needs to happen right away. This roof is so amazing that the manufacturer warns owners to beware of extreme envy once others see the upgrade. In addition, they recommend proceeding with caution, as the lights are blinding when on.

Big Lift Kit

Many people take their UTVs to uncharted territory. They may use these vehicles to explore an area after a natural disaster, one in which the terrain has changed drastically. They may also simply want a bigger vehicle to have more fun. A big lift kit is of help in these situations and more.

With the lift kit, the suspension will be raised to provide more ground clearance. An owner finds they can raise the UTV by several inches while changing the way the side-by-side looks and feels. Combine this lift kit with bigger tires and the fun will just be beginning.

Sub Belts

People who enjoy off-road adventures and often find themselves in challenging situations should consider investing in submarine or sub belts. These five-point harnesses are of great help in rollover or crash situations because they keep the rider from slipping or sliding in the seat. They do so by sliding between the rider’s legs and into the crotch.

When purchasing this belt, a person might find they need to upgrade the seats on their UTV. However, the investment is well worth it in the event something goes wrong. A person must also put safety first when riding an UTV, and this is one way to do so.

Better Tires

Many owners choose to invest in new tires as soon as they purchase a side-by-side. The type of tire to purchase depends on the riding conditions. Look for those that provide outstanding traction while offering excellent durability, as nobody wants to have tire issues while exploring new terrain.

Skid Plates

UTVs come with skid plates, but they can only do so much. To protect the UTV better, an owner needs to upgrade these plates. With the right plates in place, a person can go over rough terrain without fear because they know they and the major mechanical components are safeguarded from harm.

These plates come in different types. An owner will need to choose from steel, aluminum, and plastic varieties. Many riders find skid plates made using ultra-high-molecular-weight UHMW plastic are the best option. These plates are light and flexible while offering a high level of protection.

Every UTV owner can upgrade their side-by-side to meet their specific needs. However, some upgrades provide more value than others, such as those listed above. Regardless of which items an owner decides to invest in, safety should always be the top priority, as every person wants to come home from an adventure in the same shape they were in when starting. Doing so ensures they are ready for the next adventure whenever it comes.