Maximizing Efficiency with CNC Metal Folding Machine

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The use of a CNC folding machine can enhance your business operations significantly. If you are not familiar with how a CNC folding machine functions and whether you should invest in one, this comprehensive guide will help you in understanding the benefits of CNC machining. First, let’s uncover what a CNC folding machine is and its purpose.

What is a CNC Folding Machine?

The term CNC stands for “Computer Numerical Control”. In the metal fabrication industry. CNC machines are used to cut metal sheets into the desired shape and size using CNC technology. These machines are highly efficient and produce uniform results in a short amount of time.

Some common CNC machines include:

  1. Plasma CNC-using a plasma torch to cut metal sheets
  2. Laser Cut CNC Machine- using laser technology to cut metal sheets
  3. CNC Lathes- primarily used for cylindrical parts

How does CNC machining work?

Before you can use your CNC folding machine to cut your metal sheets, you need to create a design that corresponds to the end-product’s measurements. This design is created as prototypes on computer-aided design (CAD) software. This prototype will have a 3D visual to take into account the width and thickness of the metal. Each fold and cut needs to be precise. So a CAD software can enable you to test the foldability of a specific type of metal. 

Next, you convert the CAD file to CAM. Your CNC folding machine cannot interpret CAD directions directly, which is why computer-aided manufacturing (CAM) instructions are a more suitable format. With CAM, you can also set the speed and plan tool paths. 

Finally, you set up your CNC folding machine. You need to make sure your metal sheet is firmly fixed using the clamps. You will also need to configure which settings you would like to use (which metal type you are using, the right cutting tools, etc). 

Once you have set up everything, your CNC folding machine will start reading the instructions from your CAM software. Then it will begin cutting or shaping the sheet metal according to your input. 

How does a CNC Folding Machine maximize efficiency?

CNC machining enhances productivity by a significant degree. Instead of relying on manual input, you are feeding directions to your computer. As CNC folding machines are nowadays integrated with CAM and CAD technologies, you can easily visualize what your end-product will look like. This also allows you to easily edit, resize and reshape your prototypes without losing the original designs.

Moreover, a CNC machine can do the same job as a human would in a significantly shorter amount of time. This can increase your productivity and enable you to earn more revenue. CNC folding machines are also more accurate. With manual labor, there is always a chance of human error. When you have to produce the same article, it can also be quite difficult to maintain the same quality. Using a CNC machine, you can ensure that your goods will be uniform and consistent in quality. 

Lastly, if you purchase your CNC folding machine from a reputable company like Metalforming, LLC, you can ensure that your machine will last a long time with lesser chances of wear and tear. You can consider this as a one-time investment, with regular maintenance that could save you a lot of cost. 

CNC Metal Folding Machines at Metalforming LLC

At Metalforming, we stock multiple CNC metal folding machines from all of the top-rated manufacturers. Our machines are integrated with the latest technologies to streamline your metal forming operations. We offer the following metal folding machines and tools that integrate CNC:

  1. Schroeder Powerbend Universal
  2. Schechtl MAX – Sheet Metal Folder Machine
  3. Schechtl MBM – Automated Metal Brake
  4. Schroeder Powerbend Professional

Schechtl and Schroeder are names you can trust when it comes to metal forming equipment. With the above-mentioned roofing machinery, you can ensure high efficiency and productivity. For more product recommendations that suit your budget and needs, get in touch with us directly. We prioritize customer service and are always available to assist you in any way we can.

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