Level Up Your Social Media Presence With Reels In 2023

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We live in a visually driven world where short video content rules all social media platforms. Reels can be your massive weapon to go viral and trend on any platform, whether Instagram or Facebook. You can grow your online business and earn more profit by adding reels to your social media strategy.

You must know everything about IG Reels to unlock their full potential. It is an excellent feature that can grow your social media presence. But making great reels to catch the audience is mandatory. You can download free Instagram reels, TikTok, and Facebook videos of your competitors to get some ideas for brainstorming. After reading this guide, you can level up your social media presence with reels in 2023.

Top 10 Easy Tricks To Level Up Your Social Media Presence

Before getting started, you must keep your target audience in mind. Make sure you take short videos that range to 90 seconds. It will help you get more reel coverage.

Following are 10 easy tricks to strengthen your social media presence with reels.

  1. Stick To A Niche And Make Quality Content 

Select a unique niche to make reels for, whether it’s about brand promotion, products, services, or content creation. Stick to your niche, have patience, and keep decorating your Instagram feed with high-quality reels.     

  1. Highlight Your Feed With The Best of Your Reels  

Pin the best of your edited work with maximum views on top of your feed. You can also save your social media achievements in your Instagram highlights. This trick helps new followers know who you are and what they can expect on your page.

  1. Be The First To Follow Trends 

You should try to stay ahead of the curve in making quality content as a content creator. However, following the latest trends helps you get noticed quickly and go viral. So, try to be the first one to spot ongoing trends and make a reel on them.

  1. Avoid Watermark  

You should avoid using videos with any watermark on social media platforms. A watermark on a video leaves a negative impression on your audience, whether on any editing app or other social media platform.

  1. Do Experiments And Take Risks 

Social media platforms are all about fun and experimenting with your imagination. Don’t hesitate to experiment with your ideas and bring them to life. Instagram prefers authentic content, and your followers will also love the diverse range of your creativity. 

  1. Upload Reels In The Active Hours Of Your Followers 

According to survey research on Instagram, the evening is the most active time for people using Instagram and engaging with reels. However, you can get help with your Instagram analytics to know which time is best to post according to your followers’ active time.

  1. Be Ahead Of Everyone And Schedule Your Reels

Instagram algorithms prioritize accounts that post regularly. You should upload at least 3 to 4 reels a week to keep your followers engaged. You can schedule your IG reels on Instagram in case you are busy and can’t manage to upload them regularly.  

  1. Boost Your Reels    

Whether you are selling products or services, boosting your reels always gets you more impressions. Instagram algorithms make your boost-up reels appear between the stories section, home page, and Explore page of the community that might like your content.

  1. Take A Regular Check On Your Reel Insights

You should regularly check your reel’s insights to know how many likes, comments, and shares it gets on average. If your reels are not performing well in enhancing your reach, try another concept or theme.

  1. Utilize Every Social Media Platform

If you want to grow your business on social media, don’t stick to one platform. Facebook reels can also help you stand out. Upload your content on other platforms, including Facebook, TikTok, and YouTube shorts.

Wrap Up

We live in a digital world where visually appealing content gets preference. It would not be wrong to say that social media platforms are king. Instagram reels are a popular feature among users nowadays. Today, we discussed the top 10 tips and tricks to level up your social media presence with reels.