How To Find The Best Sleep Consultant For Your Baby

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When you have a newborn baby, everything is new and exciting! But it can be stressful too. Most new parents feel out of their depths and as if they don’t know what they’re doing. To couple that with your newborn waking up multiple times a night, many new parents can feel on the brink of madness! That’s where a sleep consultant comes in. They provide guidance to new parents who need help getting their baby to sleep through the night, by focusing on the baby’s needs, the ideal routine and environment for the baby, and more! They also provide solutions for napping, transitioning from a cot to a bed, and even sleep solutions for the rest of the family.

Finding the right sleep consultant for your baby can be a daunting task. There are so many options to choose from, with different qualifications, specialities, and philosophies. With all this in mind, it’s important to take your time finding the right professional to help you get your little one on track and sleeping soundly. Looking for a sleep consultant? Contact Completely Baby today.

Here’s what you should consider when looking for the best sleep consultant for your baby.

Research Qualifications and Specialities 

When it comes to finding the best sleep consultant for your baby, research is key. Look into their qualifications and specialities to make sure they have the right expertise to help with your little one’s unique needs. A good sleep consultant will have experience working with babies and toddlers of different ages, as well as a variety of backgrounds, so that they can tailor their advice to your individual situation. They should also be up-to-date on the latest research and guidelines in infant sleep science. When it comes to finding a sleep consultant for your newborn, you need the best, so make sure to do all the necessary research.

Verify Their Credentials 

It’s also essential to verify the credentials of any sleep consultant you’re considering. A reputable professional should be certified by a respected and widely recognised organisation. They should also have some kind of record of successful cases they’ve worked on in the past. Make sure to ask for references from people who have used their services and can vouch for their effectiveness. 

Look at Their Philosophy 

When it comes to sleep training, there are lots of different philosophies out there. It’s important to look into the specific philosophy and techniques that a sleep consultant uses before you commit to working with them. Some professionals prefer more gentle approaches such as fading or bedtime fading, while others might recommend a stricter sleep training program. It’s important to find the approach that you feel most comfortable with, so take some time to research each sleep consultant’s techniques and ask them all the questions you need to feel comfortable hiring them, before making a decision. 

Read Reviews and Testimonials

Before settling on one sleep consultant, it’s a good idea to read reviews and testimonials from families who have used their services in the past. If you have friends who also have children and had successful experiences with a sleep consultant, ask them for advice on how to find one, or for recommendations. This can give you a good sense of a sleep consultant’s effectiveness and how well they work with families. These recommendations will be from people you trust, and will also most likely be in your area. 

Schedule a Consultation 

Once you’ve found one or two sleep consultants that seem like a good fit, it’s important to schedule a consultation to meet them in person and discuss your specific situation. Take note of how they treat your newborn when you meet, and how they respond to your questions. Do you feel heard when you speak to them? Do you feel validated when sharing your concerns? This is a great opportunity to get a better sense of their approach and personality.

[CTA] Finding the best sleep consultant for your baby can seem like an overwhelming task. But with the right research, credentials verification, philosophy assessment, reviews reading and consultation, you can be sure to find the perfect professional to help you and your little one get off on the right foot. Contact Completely Baby for sleep consulting services for your newborn!