Exploringthe Significance of Lightsaber Kyber Crystals

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The lightsaber is the most iconic and recognisable symbol of the Star Wars franchise, and at the heart of the lightsaber is one very important component known as the Kyber crystal.

These kyber crystals are rare, naturally growing force-attuned gems that are essential to the creation of lightsabers. Most fans of the Star Wars franchise recognise kyber crystals as both the power source of the lightsaber and the component responsible for the saber’s blade colour.

But do these star wars lightsaber kyber crystals hold more meaning than what fans already know? Keep reading to find out.

The Significance of Lightsaber Kyber Crystals

Force Connection 

As mentioned earlier, lightsaber kyber crystals are naturally occurring rare gems that grow within the depths of various Force-rich planets (like Ilum) across the Star Wars galaxy. All kyber crystals are intrinsically imbued and linked to the Force, which explains why they are primarily found on planets that have a very strong connection to the Force. Their link to the Force is also why they only work for individuals who are attuned to the Force’s energy. These crystals are capable of focusing and amplifying their wielder’s connection to the Force, so both the Jedi and the Sith tend to seek them out.

Lightsaber Construction

 In the Star Wars universe, one of the most prominent reasons why the Jedi and the Sith seek out kyber crystals is for the construction of lightsabers. In addition to powering lightsabers and turning them into formidable weapons, kyber crystals also determine the colours and properties of lightsaber blades through their wielder’s connection with the Force.

Force Amplification

The unique properties of kyber crystals also allows them to amplify their wielder’s connection to the Force. For the Jedi wielders, this entails using their lightsabers as tools for channelling the light side of the Force in order to maintain justice and peace.

For the Sith, the power of these crystals can be utilised to not only embrace the dark side of the Force but to gain power and inflict conflict. The purity level and the alignment of a kyber crystal in a lightsaber typically affect the level of control and intensity that a Force user can exert with the saber.

Meaningful Colours

It is common knowledge that kyber crystals are responsible for giving a lightsaber’s blade its colour, but what many don’t know is that there is a deeper meaning behind each kyber crystal colour. For example, the blue kyber crystals associated with the Jedi symbolise peace, justice and unwavering commitment to the light side of the Force. Red kyber crystals which are typically gotten through the process of bleeding, symbolise power, anger, hatred, greed, passion and a relentless pursuit of dominance. There are many other kyber crystal colours, from green, purple and yellow to orange, cyan and magenta.

It is worth noting that kyber crystals are typically colourless in their original state. They only gain colour when their owner attunes to them. Their wielder’s essence and Force connection are what determine their colour.

They are Rare and Coveted

Lightsaber crystals are very rare, and acquiring one often involves a long and dangerous journey. This scarcity has led to them being coveted by users of both sides of the Force (Jedi and Sith).

Variety of Applications 

In addition to powering lightsabers, kyber crystals also have a variety of other applications, such as; providing energy for structures and cities and powering lightspeed engines. The Sith even use them to power super weapons like the Death Star.

Aside from their practical applications, lightsaber kyber crystals are also used in various Jedi and Sith rituals because of their symbolism with the Force (they represent the balance between the light and the dark side of the Force).


Kyber crystals play a significant role in the creation of lightsabers and in Star Wars mythology. They are rare energy-rich crystals that are not only valued for their power and beauty but also for their symbolism and representation of the Force.