Chokhi Haveli In Noida – A Vibrant Rajasthani Experience

Chokhi Haveli

Rajasthan is a beautiful state full of various amazing ancient arts and cultures and is rich in serving numerous delicious delicacies of its own. But visiting Rajasthan might not be possible for everyone because people do have not enough time to plan a trip to Rajasthan.

Then how would they feel the vibe of Rajasthan?

Don’t worry, Chokhi Haveli situated in Noida Haat is the perfect place to get the vibe of vibrant Rajasthan that will make you mesmerized by offering you a glimpse into the shaky culture and wealthy heritage of Rajasthan. 

You must be intrigued to know more about chokhi dhani noida ticket price So, lets get delve into it through this post. 

About Chokhi Haveli

If you are looking for the authentic taste of Rajasthan, then visiting Chokhi Haveli will be the perfect pleasure for you. Yes. you heard right. Chokhi Haveli is a Rajasthan theme-based restaurant that will offer you a glimpse to experience the glory and vibrance of Rajasthan.

Located in Noida sector 33, Chokhi Haveli is spread over about 2 acres of the area where you will get a complete  Rajasthani culture.

You will be welcomed by a grand entrance identical to the Traditional Rajasthani Haveli along with spectacular paintings and antique pieces reflecting the ambiance of Rajasthan.

Serving you with a wide array of Rajasthani cuisines, it has an open-air courtyard that is perfect to have dinner with the stars. 

Have you ever experienced Rajasthani delicacies like Daal bati Churma, Ker Sangri, Gatte ki Sabzi, and all the mouthwatering delicious dishes? Just head towards the breathtaking Rashtani Theme-based Restaurant Chokhi Haveli.

Chokhi Haveli Location

When planning to have dinner at Choki Dhani in Noida, knowing the exact location is essential. It is located in Block D, Noida Sector 33A, next to the ISKCON Temple. You can reach it easily. They will welcome you with grand Dhol drumming and Tilak on your head. A Rath cart is placed at the entrance where you can take photos. Choki Dhani provides an authentic Rajasthani cultural experience with traditional food, music, dance performances, camel and bullock cart rides, puppet shows, and more amidst a village setting decorated like rural Rajasthan. It’s a great place for an enjoyable family dinner.

Chokhi Haveli Noida Ticket Price

To visit Chokhi Haveli, you have to purchase the entrance ticket that you can book either online by navigating to the website of it or can take an on spot ticket to get the vibe of Rajasthan. You must be curious to know, what is the chokhi haveli noida ticket price? Here we are with the details

  • For Adults Ticket price will be Rs 400/- per person.
  • For kids below 9 years, the price will be Rs 300/- per person.

Booking a ticket online will offer you more slots of having dinner with your partner while a limited option will be available on, on-spot bookings of the ticket.

The timings of Chokhi Haveli are from 12 noon to 11 PM through out te year.

What is Included in the Ticket price

By purchasing a ticket to Chokhi Haveli, you can get the following package with it.

  • Live Performances
  • Traditional Folk dance
  • Traditional musical performance
  • Magic Shows
  • Astrology
  • Puppet show
  • Mehndi Artists
  • Pottery Makers
  • Unlimited Lunch / Dinnet (Any of the one)

Activities Available on Chokhi Haveli

 Chokhi haveli offers you a wide range of fun and entertainment activity that is really adorable.

  • Kids Zones
  • Photo Booth
  • Mehndi Counter for ladies
  • Puppet Shows
  • Magic Shows
  • Pottery Making activities
  • Rajasthani Bangles
  • Astrology
  • Lunch
  • Dinning
  • Camel Rides
  • Rajasthani Dance and Entertainment show

Best Time to Visit Chokhi Haveli

Before rushing to Chokhi Haveli, it’s essential to know the best time to visit. The ideal time to have dinner at Chokhi Haveli is from October to March when the weather is pleasant to explore the outdoor and indoor areas. In the winter, the haveli is perfectly decorated for the holiday season. The evenings are cooler, allowing you to enjoy the various attractions like folk dances, magic shows, rides, and Rajasthani cuisine in comfort. Summers can be very hot. During monsoons, the haveli may not operate some outdoor activities. So for the full Chokhi Haveli experience of culture, cuisine and celebrations, the winter months are perfect.


Chokhi Haveli offers amazing Rajasthani delicacies, mind-blowing service, and a vibrant ambiance, garnering remarkable reviews from visitors. To experience the rich heritage and culture of Rajasthan, Chokhi Haveli is a must-visit destination. You can savor authentic Rajasthani cuisine like Dal Bati Churma, Gatte ki Sabzi, Laal Maas, and more. The cultural performances like lively music, energetic dances, acrobatics, and puppet shows bring Rajasthan’s traditions to life. The intricate decor, camel rides, village setting, and warm hospitality provide an immersive Rajasthani experience. For Rajasthani food, culture, and hospitality, Chokhi Haveli is highly recommended to get a memorable taste of royal Rajasthan.

Hope, you have got all the relevant information about chokhi haveli noida ticket prices,  plan a visit to Chokhi Haveli Noida and grab the beautiful moment spent here with your camera. Share it on your social media account.