Can Bronze play With Gold? Valorant Ranked In-Depth

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For those deeply invested in VALORANT, the quality of your matches often hinges on the ranks of your teammates and opponents. A common question that many players ask is whether Bronze can team up with Gold in VALORANT. Let’s delve into VALORANT’s matchmaking mechanics to figure out who can play with whom.

Can Any Rank Play with Any Rank in VALORANT?

The short answer is yes, but only in non-rated game modes like Swiftplay, Unrated, and the newly introduced Team Deathmatch. This means that if you’re an Ascendant and want to queue with an Iron friend, you’re free to go head-to-head in Team Deathmatch. However, be aware that the experience might not be enjoyable for the lower-ranked player due to matchmaking adjustments based on player skills in the lobby.

Can Bronze Play with Gold in VALORANT?

Unfortunately, no. In rated matches, Bronze players can only queue with Iron and Silver players. On the upside, Bronze and Gold players can still be on the same team in other game modes.

What is Ranked Boosting?

Ranked Boosting is a service offered by seasoned professional players, also known as “boosters,” who specialize in helping you achieve your desired rank. Through this service, a booster plays on your account until the agreed-upon rank has been reached.

How Does’s Ranked Boosting Work?

The process is straightforward. Once you decide to get a boost, you pay the fee, share your account details, and let the booster work their magic. Valorant boosting is a safe, secure, and confidential experience, ensuring your account reaches your dream rank.

Can Diamond Play with Gold?

Also a no. In rated games, Gold players can only queue with Platinum players, preventing them from teaming up with Diamond ranks or higher. Riot Games has instituted these limits to maintain a balanced and competitive environment.

Can Gold Play with Silver?

Certainly! Silver players can team up with those in the Gold rank, offering the broadest range of play across four different ranks: Iron, Bronze, Silver, and Gold.

Can Iron and Gold Play Together in VALORANT?

Once again, that’s a no. Iron players cannot queue with Gold players in rated games due to a significant skill disparity, as determined by VALORANT’s matchmaking algorithms.

What Ranks Can Gold Players Team Up With?

In rated games, Gold players can team up with Platinums. If you’re Platinum or higher, you can only team up with players who are within one full rank tier of you.

Exception for 5-Player Premades

There is an interesting loophole: if you have a full five-player team, you can queue in rated matches regardless of rank disparity. However, there is a 25% RR penalty, affecting both wins and losses. This option is great if you’re keen to play with a full team of friends.

Understanding these nuances can help you make the most of VALORANT’s ranking system and allow you to team up with friends strategically.

Can Platinum Play with Immortal?

The answer here is no. Platinum players can only match with ranks one tier above or below them, which means they can queue with Gold and Diamond players in rated games.

Can Diamond Play with Radiant?

Sorry, no cigar! Diamond players can play with ranks up to Immortal but can’t stretch as far as Radiant in rated games. The reason is to maintain competitive balance and integrity within the high ranks.

Can Immortal Play with Radiant?

Yes, they can! Immortal and Radiant players are at the top of the VALORANT food chain, and these two tiers are allowed to queue together in rated games.

Can Platinum and Gold Play Together?

Yes, Platinum players can team up with Gold ranks. Given that they’re adjacent rank tiers, they’re permitted to join forces in rated games.

Can Radiant Play with Other Ranks in a 5-Stack?

Here’s where things get a bit more lenient. If you’ve assembled a full team of five, you can enter rated games despite varying ranks among team members. However, this comes with a 25% Rank Rating (RR) penalty for wins and losses. So while it’s a great way to play with friends of different skill levels, it does come at a cost to your RR earnings.

Bonus: MMR and Queue Impacts

Your Matchmaking Rating (MMR) silently plays a huge role in who you get matched with. You can play ranked and boost in a similar fashion in other games and services such as Overwatch Boost. Although this number is hidden, it’s constantly updated based on your performance in matches. It’s used alongside your visible rank to make as balanced a match as possible.