Why Should You Select Sir Walter Buffalo Grass For Your Lawn?


As you plan your dream landscape, one of the most important decisions is which type of grass to plant. With so many varieties to pick from, the options feel endless. But as per Buffalo Turf if you live in a warm climate that experiences periods of heat and drought, Sir Walter Buffalo should top your list. Here’s why this hardy Australian import makes Sir Walter Buffalo grass for your lawn the very best lawn for low-maintenance and sustainability.

Naturally Hardy and Drought-Tolerant

Sir Walter grass thrives in warm soil and under the blistering sun, thanks to its origins in the hot Australian climate. Thisbuffalo grass variety demonstrates an impressively high drought tolerance and resilience. So even if you skip watering your lawn for stretches at a time during hot, dry spells, the thick turf retains its vibrant green hue. The deep root system allows Sir Walter to leverage minimal moisture efficiently while resisting going dormant.

Fewer Necessary Mowings

Keeping a lush lawn looking sharp with regular mowings can get time-consuming and tedious. Sir Walter Buffalo grass grows more slowly than some other varieties like St. Augustine. Its blades remain relatively short even between clippings, reaching only 8-12 inches at peak. These characteristics mean you can skip cutting Sir Walter up to three weeks with no visual detriments or loss of curb appeal. Less frequent mowing equals more weekend leisure time.

Displays Enviable Uniformity

Landscaping with grass that grows in clumps or shows high variation in texture and height looks messy and unkempt quickly. Sir Grange is considered among the most uniform Buffalo grass cultivars, forming a dense, even carpet across the lawn. This consistency keeps your yard appearing well-tended with less hands-on care required. No bare patches plague the attractive emerald expanse all season long either.

High Shade Tolerance

Many types of lawn grass decline rapidly when trees or structures cast shade across sections and damage grass growth. But Sir Walter demonstrates a higher shade tolerance before thinning out or dying off when sunlight gets blocked. Whether it’s mature trees, patio covers or play equipment casting shadows, this adaptable Buffalo variety tolerates moderate shade well to keep landscaping looking fuller.

Durable Wear and Traffic Resistance

Between kids zooming around the yard, pets running amok, neighborhood foot traffic, playing catch and tossed toys, lawns endure a lot of wear and tear. Weak turf quickly reflects heavy activity through compacted bare earth, muddy dips and unsightly brown paths. Sir Walter Buffalo earns rave reviews for its durable nature under heavy foot traffic and activity demands. This brawny grass bounces back easier despite energetic fun.

Low Fertilization and Care Needs

The input costs for maintaining healthy grass quickly add up between fertilizer, herbicides, fungicides and frequent watering. Not only does Sir Walter grass require less water overall, but it also shows minimal need for chemical treatments. Use slow-release fertilizer just twice yearly and you’ll likely avoid fungus or pest outbreaks thanks to this variety’s natural disease resistance. Less intervention equals greener grass for less green (money).

Soft and Comfortable Texture

Nobody wants grass with stiff, scratchy blades and spiky tips under bare feet. Sir Walter Buffalo grass shines for its soft-to-the-touch feel featuring lush leaves with rounded ends. Kids and pets alike appreciate the pleasant texture for play or lounging. The flexible blades even bounce back quicker after flattening from heavy use. Running barefoot feels divine on silken Sir Walter lawns.

Displays Vibrant Kelly Green Hues

The cheerful emerald tones Sir Walter Buffalo grass produces look especially vivid compared to other varieties. Stepping onto the vibrant kelly green carpet welcomingly signals lush curb appeal year-round. Those rich verdant hues hold up with less water, fertilizer, weed control and mowing too. The naturally uniform color remains outstandingly consistent across your entire yard.


When assessing which turf best meets landscaping needs, practicality matters too. Sir Walter Buffalo rates top notch for low maintenance requirements, vibrant beauty and comfortable durability. This versatile Australian import takes top marks for transforming yards into welcoming green oases with less work or resources. Your dream landscape starts with superior grass roots.

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