Which Are The Skin Check Findings That Require Medical Attention?

The Skin Check Findings

Doing a regular skin check? Awesome. We know it feels like a chore, but trust us, it’s so important to keep tabs on your body’s largest organ. Checking your skin means you’ll catch problems early when they are easiest to treat. Which is indeed a good thing. 

But how do you know if something found during a self-check is no biggie or needs a doctor’s eye right away? We have seen a few scares over the years, so wea asked many dermatologists like SunDoctors to give us the lowdown on what signs warrant making an appointment straight away when we see these signs. 

Here’s what to keep any eye out for:

Weird Spots and Marks

Moles that are asymmetrical, have irregular borders, more than one color, or are wider than a pencil eraser need checking. Same goes for brown, black, or multicolored spots and patches. Red sore spots or pearly and clear bumps also deserve attention.

The big takeaway is if it’s new, has changed, different from others around it, or just odd – book an appointment. Catching funky markings early makes treatment easier.

Sores That Won’t Heal

You know those scabs from yardwork or clumsy kitchen mishaps? Normally they clear up in a few weeks, but skin sore or ulcers that don’t heal within a month need evaluation. This is especially true if scabs the crust, scab again, and repeat the cycle.

Persistent skin damage could mean skin cancer is interfering with proper healing. Air on the side of caution and have your dermatologist take a look.

Bleeding Spots

Bloody spots you didn’t cause with an injury (like shaving or picking) require prompt inspection. Red splotches, dots, and patches that are flat or slightly raised above skin level should not be ignored. Even a single episode warrants making an appointment.

Blood coming from the skin without an obvious explanation could signal cancer or precancers. Book a checkup to identify the cause of unexplained bleeding. Catching worrisome spots early boosts treatability and improves your chances of complete cure than the people who catch it on a later stage. 

Changing Moles

You know the “ABCDE” guide when inspecting moles, right? A= asymmetry, B= irregular border, C= multiple colors, D= larger diameter, E= evolving. Notice anything weird about a mole or brown spot? Changes in size, shape, color, or symptoms like itching or tenderness all spell a prompt exam.

Moles are usually harmless, but around 30% of skin cancers start from mutant nevi. Make certain to point out morphing marks to your physician right away.

The Takeaway

Found any odd skin developments during monthly checks? Strange – book an appointment,  friends. Don’t panic, just act. Skin cancers are very treatable when identified early. Within a month, lesions become more established and complicated to defeat. Following up promptly raises outcomes enormously.

Trust your gut if new marks worry you in the slightest. Making seeing an expert non-negotiable anytime something seems off. You’ve totally got this. Consistent vigilance and rapid response gives you the advantage.

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