What is an SDET Course? Unraveling the Mystery

What is an SDET Course? Unraveling the Mystery

In recent years, there has been a huge buzz about the SDET Course in the tech landscape. If you don’t know, the simple definition of SDET would be “Software Development Engineer in Test”. This role is becoming much more crucial than one can imagine in the modern tech industry. Their job is around the software development domain and quality assurance side. This term was initially used by the tech giant Microsoft then Google started to use it where they have to perform manual testing with automation regularly.

SDETs have the hybrid skills of software development and testing automation. They make sure that the software being launched will provide top-notch quality assurance.

SDET Certification Overview

These days, the SDET Course has become one of the most demanded IT programs in the tech industry. With the help of this training program, individuals can become experienced and successful SDETs. If one is thinking about starting a career in the IT industry or an experienced one wants to go a step ahead. The SDET Course suits both of them.

Furthermore, the goal of this program is to teach you the skills and provide you with the knowledge that is a combination of both software testing and development as it is required in the whole QA process. Some tools that you will learn to automate the process include Java and Selenium. SDET Course can be completed within 6 months and it focuses on both non-technical and technical skills.

The non-technical skills will teach you about interpersonal skills such as communication and reporting because as an SDET, they will be working with both testers and developers. Such interpersonal skills will help you to succeed as an individual and as a part of the team. In their technical skill program, they will learn programming languages such as Java. Also, they will be learning about testing tools such as Selenium, TestNG, JUnit, Cucumber, AWS, Jenkins, and REST-assured. During their technical learning period, they will also learn SQL (database) which is important for their backend testing. They will also learn about building different types of testing automation strategies in the last phase of the SDET Course.

Why Should You Opt For the SDET Course?

As mentioned earlier SDET courses are now in high demand in the software development industry, so this is a great time to opt for the SDET Course and start your career as an SDET. Here is what you need to know!

Great Earning Opportunities

One of the most compelling benefits of the SDET Course is to have high-earning opportunities. This is because you will not be a dedicated software tester or a full-time developer. You will be a hybrid of both, making you a hot commodity for companies. SDETs can create an automated testing suite, increase the efficiency of the software, and most importantly, save time so they are often compensated with high salaries.

Versatile Skills

In the SDET Course, you will learn the skills that you can use in other industries as well. Because you learn skills like Java you can transfer these skills to other industries such as software development, app development, gaming, health care,  and E-commerce. And talk about the quality assurance that is required in the entire software development landscape.

Automation Skills

One of the best skills you will learn in the SDET Course is automation skill. You will learn to develop test frameworks by writing scripts. Automation is a highly valued skill in software development to improve the efficiency of testing and coverage.

Wrapping Up

SDET Course is highly in demand these days. The nature of the hybrid skills(software developer and testers) one will learn in this training program, makes them a hot commodity for software development. If you want a highly valued career in a short time then pursue your career as an SDET.