Unveiling the High-Performing Mutual Funds Worth Investing In

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If you want to multiply your wealth in the coming years, investing in the best performing mutual funds is one of the best things you can do. This financial task, when initiated, offers a good amount of return with time and never disappoints.

Moreover, investing in such financial instruments is super easy nowadays. You, as a potential investor, don’t need to go anywhere and just need to use your smartphone in the right manner. Sounds quite techy, right? No, it isn’t!

What are mutual funds?

As the term suggests, a mutual fund is basically a pool of money managed by a professional Fund Manager. It is a financial instrument that collects money from several potential investors who share a common investment objective and invests the same in equities, bonds, money market instruments and/or other securities.

Furthermore, the gains generated from the best mutual funds are then distributed in a proportionate manner amongst all the investors after deducting applicable expenses and levies. This is simply done by calculating a scheme’s “Net Asset Value” or NAV.

What are the advantages of investing in it?


When you invest in this scheme, your capable fund manager will invest your money in different securities, including equity, stocks, and other money market instruments. There is also a possibility that if one instrument doesn’t perform as well as the other, they balance each other out, thereby netting off your risks and ultimately making your investment of your hard-earned money much safer.


This means the ability of an asset to be converted into liquid and handy cash. Imagine if, by any chance, you have any kind of emergency and need cash in an urgent state. What will you do? Instead of selling property quickly or availing of a personal loan, converting this investment into cash whenever you need funding is best.


Unlike other investments, such as the stock market, which is quite a complicated affair, looking for the best mutual fund to invest today is much simpler. All you need to do is download an application on your smartphone, and you’ll be able to set up a mutual fund account for yourself instantly. Further, Once your Know Your Customer (KYC) documents are verified, you can start investing accordingly.

Unveiling the High-Performing Mutual Funds Worth Investing In

1.   Quant Small Cap Fund Direct Plan-Growth

3-year Return – 48.79%

5-year Return – 30.70%

2.   Quant Infrastructure Fund Direct-Growth

3-year Return -45.64%

5-year Return – 27.56%

3.   Quant Tax Plan Direct-Growth

3-year Return – 37.68%

5-year Return – 26.57%

4.   Axis Small Cap Fund Direct-Growth

3-year Return – 34.96%

5-year Return – 25.69%

5.   Quant Flexi Cap Fund Direct-Growth

3-year Return – 35.52%

5-year Return – 24.08%

(Tip: Don’t forget to use a mutual fund calculator before investing your hard-earned money.)

Which is the best platform to invest in mutual funds?

Long gone are the days when people actually used to travel in person to various financial institutions in order to avail of this facility. Nowadays, you simply need a smartphone application and nothing else.

Around three and a half months ago, I was planning to invest in mutual funds. This is when I came to know about the Bajaj Finserv application and how it resolves all your financial issues within minutes. With just a few taps here, you can easily invest in the best mutual funds, avail of certain types of loans such as gold loans, car loans, etc., and many more such things.