Top Energy Advisory Services in UK


Energy bills are one of the main costs in the UK and they are getting more expensive. Therefore, many businesses and organizations are finding effective solutions to save money on energy that are also more environmentally friendly. Meanwhile, energy advisory services can provide expert advice to their clients about energy.

What is the top energy advisory service in UK? These consultants utilize their experts and experiences to help clients use less energy and get the best deals on energy.

What is the role of the energy advisor?

An energy advisor works to guide businesses and organizations to optimize their energy usage. Their expertise spans the entire energy management process, from energy supply to energy procurement.

Energy advisors can help businesses develop tailored strategies for buying energy and managing risks. Then, they can make more informed decisions in competitive markets.

Another key responsibility of energy advisors is to audit on-site energy at business premises. They will carefully analyze energy bills and equipment to assess the business’s energy usage and efficiency. The final audit will provide a comprehensive report that outlines energy needs and consumption patterns. Then, the client can identify where they can reduce energy by different measures.

Based on the audit, energy advisors help companies to create steps to lower their energy bills and improve energy efficiency. Moreover, the energy advisory service in UK can provide solutions for adopting sustainable practices and ensuring environmental compliance. These recommendations can cover various areas, from equipment to energy-saving policies and procedures.

Light Up Energy

Light Up Energy is a leading energy advisory firm dedicated to helping businesses across the UK reduce their energy costs. As an impartial business energy consultancy, they work with a wide range of business electricity and business gas suppliers, giving them a comprehensive view of the energy market.

When it comes to securing new contracts for business electricity or gas, companies often face two choices: approach energy suppliers directly or seek assistance from industry professionals. Light Up Energy offers the latter, leveraging its expertise to find improved rates and save businesses valuable time.

In today’s diverse energy landscape, with numerous suppliers catering to different sectors and business sizes, choosing the right provider can be a complex task. Light Up Energy’s deep understanding of the market allows them to identify the most suitable suppliers for each client’s unique situation, ensuring favorable market-leading prices.


At E.ON, their team of control solutions experts is responsible for controlling, monitoring, and managing building services across a wide range of sectors, from local authorities to retail, commercial, and IT businesses. They offer small to major project installations, site support services, building energy management services, and data analytics.

Whether industrial or commercial energy management is required, E.ON’s team of energy management experts in control solutions will be there every step of the way.

E.ON has designed a comprehensive virtual power plant system that allows them to deliver flexible and adaptable demand-side response services in-house. When connected to their DSR systems, businesses can identify sources of flexibility within their existing energy assets. E.ON can help businesses sell excess energy back to the grid by assisting them in reducing peak energy demand. They even have a convenient app and customer portal that allows businesses to keep track of their flexibility.


Infogrid is the energy advisory service in UK for sustainability and energy management that is designed to reduce energy, carbon, and costs in commercial buildings. Their AI-powered platform helps real estate and facility teams identify, manage, and measure changes to operating expenses, efficiency projects, and capital improvements. Infogrid will help lower energy consumption in buildings, move towards net zero emissions, and increase net operating income and asset values on a large scale.

Infogrid is proud to have many supporters for their mission. Their growing community of investors cares greatly about the planet and knows Infogrid is going to make a huge positive impact.

The real genius of Infogrid lies in their approach of using AI along with internet-of-things devices from any manufacturer in a way that lowers costs and complexity, which is not something seen elsewhere before. Combined with its skilled founding team, it is believed that Infogrid will become the defining company in its category.


Ofgem is a non-ministerial government department and an independent National Regulatory Authority. Its role is to protect consumers now and in the future by working to deliver a greener, fairer energy system.

Ofgem understands that in the current climate, there are many challenges faced by consumers with the cost of living and high energy prices. It has provided guidance and support to help consumers understand what assistance they are entitled to and how to deal with these challenging times.

Consumers can check their energy rights with Ofgem. They can find advice if they need extra help, have difficulties with their energy supply, or want to complain. Ofgem provides tips on switching energy suppliers, government grants, benefits, and energy efficiency schemes to help consumers save money and become greener with their energy use.


LEAP is an organization dedicated to assisting as many households as possible who are vulnerable to falling into fuel poverty. Their services are accessible to all types of residential dwellings – whether owner-occupied, privately rented, or social housing.

Through LEAP’s complimentary energy advice service, individuals can learn ways to keep their homes comfortably heated while reducing expenditures on energy bills. LEAP empowers people to uncover cost-saving opportunities.

LEAP’s extensively trained energy efficiency advisors provide tailored guidance and support to meet each household’s unique energy efficiency requirements. Their process begins with a relaxed and informal energy advice consultation over the phone or video call.

LEAP collaborates with an extensive network of energy professionals and implementation partners spanning 127 local authorities and councils across the UK, allowing them to serve 70% of the nation’s population. No matter where you live, energy and money-saving counsel is readily available to you through LEAP’s community connections.

To Sum Up,

Getting good energy advice is important whether you own your home, rent, or live in social housing. It can help you spend less money and be better for the environment. The best energy advisory service in UK can provide valuable services to guide households in the UK towards using energy in a more affordable and sustainable way.

These top energy advisory services use the latest technologies and have highly trained staff to help consumers. They offer things like virtual power systems, AI analytics, internet-of-things solutions, and regulatory guidance, to show you how to lower your energy bills, improve efficiency, and go greener.

Don’t miss out on the chance to save money, use less energy, and help the planet. Contact Light Up Energy today and we can connect you with the right energy advisory service for your needs!