Top benefits of learning an instrument 


There are all sorts of hobbies that people can take up in life, but one of the most popular and appealing is to learn an instrument. It can also bring about all sorts of advantages at the same time. So, if you have always wanted to learn and want a nudge in the right direction, here are just a few benefits that you can expect from embarking on this path. 

Use a different part of your mind 

Some studies have found that playing an instrument can help out with improving various cognitive abilities, and there are a couple of main ways in which it can do this. First of all, it can often help with memory retention as you start to learn more complicated patterns and specific songs. It also stimulates a different part of the brain, thereby improving your cognitive functioning in general terms. 

Pride and confidence 

One of the most satisfying parts of taking up a new hobby is the pride that you feel when you start to improve. Whether you decide to take up the guitar or a piccolo instrument, you will start off with the individual notes, before moving onto scales, simple songs, and beyond. The more you start to improve, the more confidence that you are likely to feel as a result. When you feel proud in your abilities, this can then help to boost your confidence levels at the same time. 

Makes you more patient 

If you are going to improve your ability to play an instrument, you will need to have patience and the will to improve gradually over time. The people who succeed are the ones who are willing to sound pretty bad for a while before they improve their abilities, sounding better and better over time. When you develop this patience, it can then begin to feed its way into other areas of your life. As the old saying goes: patience is a virtue. 

Become part of a community or play individually 

For some people, the whole point of playing an instrument is so they can become part of an entirely new community of people. For others, they simply want to play on an individual basis. In the case of the former, when you develop your skills enough, you can always start to become part of a band or an orchestra. For the latter, it is the simple pleasure that they get from playing at home in their own company and perhaps occasionally showing off their improving skills to friends and family members. 

As you can see from these four reasons, the benefits of playing an instrument are diverse. Essentially, no matter whether you are looking to do it for yourself or you want to play as part of a wider group, there is a great sense of both pride and confidence to be gained. This is largely through the patience required to gradually improve over time until you eventually reach the stage that you are playing sweet music and even writing some of your own.