The Intriguing Journey of Norma Gibson Tyrese Gibson’s First Wife

Norma Gibson

Norma Gibson, renowned as the first wife of the multi-talented Tyrese Gibson, has had a life filled with diverse experiences and intriguing stories. From her mixed-race heritage to her foray into the world of Hollywood, Norma’s life is a fascinating tapestry of triumphs and challenges. Let’s delve into the details of her background, career, personal life, and the custody battle that captured public attention.

Early Life and Background:

Born on March 1, 1981, in London, England, Norma Mitchell is a woman of mixed American and Israeli heritage. This unique blend of cultural backgrounds adds a distinctive layer to her identity. Standing at 5 feet 7 inches and weighing approximately 117 pounds, Norma possesses a captivating allure that mirrors the highest standards of beauty. Her striking brown eyes and dark curly hair further enhance her magnetic presence.

Career and Public Spotlight:

While not much is known about Norma’s professional endeavors, her connection to Tyrese Gibson thrust her into the public eye. Tyrese, a celebrated figure in the entertainment industry, excels not only as an R&B sensation but also as a prominent actor, notably for his recurring role as Roman Pearce in the “Fast and Furious” film series.

Personal Life and Marriage to Tyrese Gibson:

Norma and Tyrese Gibson’s union in 2007 marked a significant chapter in her life. Their daughter, Shayla Gibson, brought new meaning to their journey. However, the marriage faced challenges, leading to their divorce in 2009. Norma’s allegations of physical abuse and the ensuing custody battle for Shayla garnered substantial media attention.

Custody Battle and Legal Proceedings:

The divorce proceedings between Norma and Tyrese were rife with contentious issues, particularly concerning the custody of their daughter, Shayla. Norma accused Tyrese of physical abuse and alleged neglect of court-mandated child maintenance. The legal battle shed light on the complexities of shared parenting responsibilities and personal rights.

Life Beyond Marriage:

Following the divorce, Norma chose to step out of the limelight. Tyrese went on to remarry Samantha Lee, beginning a new chapter in his life. Meanwhile, Norma’s ex-husband faced his own challenges in his second marriage, underlining the intricate dynamics of personal relationships and family responsibilities.


Norma Gibson’s journey is one of resilience, self-discovery, and navigating the complexities of relationships in the public eye. Her experiences serve as a testament to the profound impact personal choices can have on one’s life and the lives of those around them. Norma’s story is a reminder that every individual, regardless of their circumstances, has the power to shape their own narrative.