The Best Time Management Tools For Making Your Life Easier

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A busy life is pretty normal for most people. But at the same time, most of us want to spend our time in ways that make us happy. However, there are only 24 hours in a day after all. Therefore, time needs to be managed carefully. Businesses rely on efficient time management. For example, the rep answering your call to the Cox customer care number undergoes training to resolve your needs as quickly as possible. One of the best ways to manage your time efficiently is to use modern tools. This will help you stay on track and reach your goals, without sacrificing too much of your personal life. 

Here are some of the best tools that can assist you with organizing your daily activities and tasks. 

Google Calendar 

Most people use Google Calendar on their phones, especially Android phones. But they fail to utilize it to its fullest potential. Google Calendar isn’t just about checking out the next holiday. It is a comprehensive application that lets you schedule meetings, set reminders for work tasks, and sync personal events like a loved one’s birthday or anniversary. In fact, you can use it for both business and personal needs, and even control your personal schedule visibility using the right privacy settings. If you find yourself juggling important meetings, forgetting deadlines, or missing your child’s baseball game, Google Calendar can help you keep track of it all. That way, you can plan your days and weeks out much more efficiently and get more done.  

Any.Do Task Tracker

Do you have a tendency to keep forgetting important tasks? You’re not alone. With the kind of workload and personal responsibilities that people have, it is fairly normal to feel overwhelmed. But it still isn’t a good look. Any.Do is a great application that lets you list your tasks, prioritize them, track them, and mark them completed to let you see how much you get done. The app has an intuitive UI that is very easy to get used to. And one of the best features is the app’s ability to sync with your daily schedule. It can push a notification as soon as you wake up that lets you list the 3 most important tasks of the day. You should then be able to schedule your day around them and get them done without getting sidetracked.


Social media management is a time-sensitive task. You’re likely to have a lot on your plate if you’re managing aspects like social media marketing, community management, and creatives. The result? Last-minute panic to meet deadlines, typos or design issues with your posts, and other mistakes that do more harm than good. HootSuite is an excellent application that can help you manage this aspect of your job much more efficiently. Create your posts in advance, schedule the date you want to post them, and add the social media handles you want to post them from. That’s it! Hootsuite will automatically make your posts for you on the social media channels you specify. And you have more time to focus on other tasks. 


Don’t have a designer? Maybe you don’t need a full-time design professional. But you still have design needs in a business. For example, you need to post on social media as a business professional, and visual posts tend to make the most impact. But without a designer or experience with complex tools like Photoshop, how will you fill this need? Trying to learn design tools from scratch will only create a bottleneck and make this more efficient. The solution? Canva. It is an underrated application that lets you create engaging visuals, marketing and branding assets, logos, business cards, and much more. The app has a very simple and intuitive UI and easy-to-use templates that allow you to quickly create static imagers or basic animations. Create multiple posts for a campaign or a one-off post about an event, all with the same application. 


Is efficient task management difficult for you? Is there a disconnect between what you and your remote coworkers are working on? Asana is a workflow management tool that makes life much easier for business professionals. It allows users to create projects, add collaborators, and assign tasks. Each task assigned to a collaborator can also be given a deadline and can be set to an appropriate status. As each task gets completed, the collaborator or project owner can mark it “completed”. These basic but useful features allow managers to know exactly what their teams are working on and which tasks are closer to completion. Managers can also better judge which tasks can be safely pushed back to make room for more high-priority needs.