SSyoutube 2023 Review: The Best Youtube to mp4 Converter

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This review Youtube to Mp4 converter tools for converting YouTube to mp4 format. We’re going to provide useful information about converter tools. Users assume responsibility for compliance with the terms and conditions of YouTube and any other sites when downloading videos. 

You should always respect copyright law by only converting videos you have the rights to use. The video downloader tools covered here are not intended to enable unauthorized use of restricted content. Please be mindful to employ these applications appropriately for lawful personal use.

What is MP4?

MP4 is a digital multimedia container format commonly used to store video and audio but can also store other data such as subtitles and still images. MP4 allows streaming over the internet and offers high quality at relatively small file sizes. This makes it one of the most popular formats for downloading and watching Youtube videos offline on devices like phones, tablets and laptops.

What Happened to was previously one of the most popular online Youtube to mp4 converter tools. However, the site has been discontinued and no longer works. The good news is that SSyoutube launched a new site called which offers the same excellent Youtube to mp4 conversion capabilities.

Top 8 Youtube to mp4 Converters in 2023

1. SSyoutube (

SSyoutube is our top recommendation for a Youtube to mp4 converter because of its great features, ease of use, and reliability. This online tool allows unlimited downloads and fast speeds while being completely free. As a result, SSyoutube is ideal for anyone who frequently needs to download Youtube videos for offline viewing. The intuitive interface makes it simple to use on any device without complicated registration steps. Overall, SSyoutube excels at effortlessly converting Youtube clips into high-quality mp4s.


  1. Totally free service with no limits on downloads
  2. Supports all formats and lengths of Youtube videos
  3. Allows bulk downloading of playlists and channels


  1. Does not include video editing features
  2. Mobile app version not available
  3. Requires an internet connection to use

2. ClipConverter

ClipConverter is a versatile Youtube to mp4 converter available as a browser extension or desktop application. It can download videos in many different file formats beyond just mp4. This makes ClipConverter great for those who need to convert Youtube videos for various uses and devices. The browser extension integrates smoothly into Chrome or Firefox for quick access. However, the desktop app version offers more robust options and control. On the downside, ClipConverter has limits on download speeds and file sizes unless you upgrade to a premium account. But for basic Youtube to mp4 needs, it works well.


  1. Supports numerous output file formats
  2. Easy-to-use browser extension for fast access
  3. No limits on number of downloads


  1. Slower speeds and capped file sizes for free version
  2. Requires desktop app for access to full features
  3. Confusing upgrade options to premium

3. aConvert

Designed for batch downloading and converting, aConvert is ideal for power Youtube users. It can download entire playlists or channels with just one click. For those who need to regularly convert multiple Youtube videos at once, aConvert can optimize the process. It also integrates smoothly with Youtube for grabbing video details and URLs. However, the interface is slightly dated looking and less intuitive compared to simpler tools. Casual users just needing to convert the occasional video may find it overkill. But its batch processing capabilities make aConvert a great Youtube to mp4 solution for frequent, high volume downloading.


  1. One-click downloads for entire playlists and channels
  2. Perfect for batch processing many videos
  3. Automatically integrates video data from Youtube


  1. Dated and busy looking interface
  2. Potentially too advanced for casual use
  3. Requires Java to work properly

4. OnlineVideoConverter

OnlineVideoConverter is one of the most full-featured online Youtube converters available. It goes far beyond just downloading to mp4 and supports an extensive range of output formats. This makes it great for flexibility in converting videos for different uses. It even allows customizing output settings like video size, frame rate, and compression. However, the free version has limits on file size and length that may require paid upgrading for larger downloads. The site also contains ads that can be distracting. But for occasionally converting Youtube clips with specific needs, OnlineVideoConverter is a solid choice.


  1. Wide range of supported output formats
  2. Customization of output settings
  3. Simple automated conversion process


  1. Free version has file size and length limits
  2. Contains third-party ads
  3. Requires premium account for full features

5. VideoProc

VideoProc combines a Youtube downloader with a video converter and editor. The integrated editing features allow trimming, cutting, and modifying videos after downloading. This makes VideoProc a great one-stop solution for downloading from Youtube then adjusting the video further. It’s especially helpful for creative professionals and social media content creators. However, the editing capabilities add complexity for those seeking only a basic Youtube to mp4 tool. VideoProc is also a desktop application requiring download rather than an online tool. But the robust features make it worth considering for power users needing to go beyond just converting.


  1. Downloader and video editor in one
  2. Useful creative tools for content creation
  3. Allows simple cutting and trimming of downloads


  1. More complex than online converter tools
  2. Requires downloading desktop application
  3. Advanced features have learning curve

6. Zamzar

As one of the longest running file conversion sites, Zamzar offers reliable Youtube to mp4 downloads along with support for over 1200 different file types. This makes it beneficial for also converting your downloaded mp4s to other formats for flexibility. Zamzar integrates with multiple cloud storage services like Google Drive and Dropbox for easy file importing and exporting. However, free users face daily limits on the number of files that can be converted. Upgrading to a premium paid account removes these limits and restrictions. But it may not be worth it for only occasional Youtube downloading needs.


  1. Long history and reliable reputation
  2. Supports over 1200 file types
  3. Integrates with cloud storage services


  1. Daily limits on free version
  2. Requires premium for batch conversions
  3. Dated looking interface

7. Freemake

Freemake is a popular downloader and converter tool available for Windows and Mac. One of its standout features is the ability to extract and save only the audio from Youtube videos as MP3 files. This makes Freemake useful for converting videos to audio-only formats. The software also allows downloading entire playlists or channels in bulk. However, the free version adds a watermark on saved videos unless you upgrade. Other limitations include slower speeds and no mobile version. But for basic desktop Youtube to mp4 needs, Freemake provides a straightforward free option.


  1. Can extract and convert Youtube audio to MP3
  2. Downloads full playlists and channels
  3. Free version available for Windows and Mac


  1. Free version adds watermark to downloads
  2. Slower download speeds
  3. No mobile version available

8. KeepVid

KeepVid is accessible as both a website and Android mobile app for YouTube to mp4 downloading. However, KeepVid has been involved in some past legal issues over alleged illegal distribution. And the mobile app lacks some features of the web version. But it remains a popular option for basic YouTube to mp4 needs on multiple devices.


  1. Web and mobile app interfaces
  2. Simple clean interface
  3. Downloads playlists easily


  1. Past legal issues over distribution
  2. Mobile app has limited features
  3. Contains ads on website

Why is SSyoutube the Best Youtube to mp4 Converter?

After testing many leading options, we determined SSyoutube ( is the best Youtube to mp4 converter available in 2023 for several reasons:

  • Totally free to use with no limits
  • Fast download speeds and simple click to convert process
  • Supports all Youtube video formats and quality options
  • Downloads entire playlists or channels in bulk
  • Allows downloads longer than 1 hour in length
  • Works on any device unlike some downloader extensions
  • Intuitive website interface requiring no registration

In summary, SSyoutube makes converting Youtube videos to mp4 incredibly straightforward so you can save content offline to watch anytime.

Wrapping Up

Downloading This review Youtube to Mp4 converter tools for converting YouTube videos as mp4 files using a tool like SSyoutube is a convenient way to watch content offline and save the media you want to keep. Thanks to fast, free sites like, converting Youtube to mp4 format is easy. We recommend SSyoutube for an optimal experience downloading videos in high quality mp4.