Revolutionize Your Mass Label Printing with Innoprinter


For companies in the textile and apparel industry, product labeling is a vital element. High-quality fabric labels not only identify brands but also communicate essential information like materials, care instructions and origin. 

However, traditional label printing methods pose challenges like slow speeds, inflexibility and prohibitive minimum order quantities. This makes it hard to implement agile supply chains or print small batches cost-effectively.

This is where the innovative label printing solutions prove game-changing. As a leading European textile transfer specialist, Innotransfers provides revolutionary technology and transfers that transform label printing.

Here’s how Innotransfers redeems textile label printing:

Blazing Fast Speeds 

Innotransfers harnesses digital inkjet printing to achieve lightning-fast print speeds exceeding 4000m per hour. This enables mass production of labels at a pace that far surpasses outdated industrial printers.

Switching to Innotransfers for your textile label needs significantly bumps up productivity and output volume. Knock out label printing backlogs and bottlenecks for good!

Stunning Print Quality

Innotransfers delivers stunning 1200 dpi photographic print quality for fabric labels using proprietary transfer papers and precision digital printing. 

The result – vibrant, ultra-crisp labels that render fine details accurately without bleeding or fading over time. Innotransfers takes label printing quality into an unprecedented new realm.

Limitless Customization

With Innotransfers, companies gain unlimited label customization capabilities thanks to on-demand digital printing. Easily personalize different label runs with logos, QR codes, varying languages, and more.

Forget about minimum order quantities, long lead times and obsolete label inventories. Print any quantity of any custom label design instantly as needed!

Perfect for Textiles

Innotransfers’ transfers are specially engineered for decorating textiles. The labels feature strong fabric adhesion and stretch to move naturally with garments.

Transfers withstand washing, abrasion and extreme temperatures while embedded into materials like cotton, polyester, denim, leather and more. Labels stay crisp and brilliant wash after wash.

Eco-Friendly Printing

Innotransfers adopts sustainable printing technology. Plant-based inks, minimal waste from on-demand printing, and energy-efficient processes result in a smaller environmental impact.

Fashion and apparel brands can better meet their green initiatives and CSR goals by partnering with an eco-driven industry leader like Innotransfers.

Next-Gen Technology

At Innotransfers, staying ahead of technological advancements is paramount. Their commitment to pioneering the future of label printing empowers textile companies to thrive.

Join the label printing revolution today! Innotransfers provides the digital transfer solutions that clothing labels and tags urgently require – lightning fast, brilliantly customizable, sustainably produced. The future of textile labeling is here. Maximize agility, quality and scalability in label printing with Innotransfers.