Protecting Your Wooden Treasures


Our wood products need special and extra care unlike some other furniture materials. This care is unavoidable if we like shiny and healthy looking wood instead of a lacklustre appearance. And if you want to keep the natural beauty intact, the right product types go a long way.

Step-by-Step Woodcare 

1. Preparing the Wood

Preparation is the first step in any woodcare routine. Before applying any treatment or finish make sure the wood surface is clean and free of dust, dirt, and grime. 

At this point, you need products like Tack Rags to effectively catch and remove any particles that could make it harder for the finish or treatment to stick.

2. Mixing Solutions

To get the best results from some wood care treatments, they need to be mixed thoroughly. 

To make sure that products are mixed in the right amounts, tools like the 2 Litre Super Cup and 600cc Mixing Cups are very helpful. This makes sure that the application is uniform.

3. Sanding and Smoothing

To get the wood ready for treatment or finishing, you have to sand it. This smooths out the surface and gets rid of any flaws. 

This is a job for Double-Sided Foam Sanding Pads, which let you sand gently but effectively without hurting the wood.

4. Improving and Protecting the Wood

After the wood has been cleaned and prepared, the next step is to make it look better and keep it safe. Briwax Natural Creamed Beeswax and Briwax Original are two products that are good for wood, give it a nice shine, and protect it from damage. 

Briwax Wax Repair Sticks are great for fixing small damage like scratches or dents because they blend in with the wood’s natural color and texture.

5. Applying Finishes

Certain finishes, such as Button Polish or French Polish, give wood a classic, refined look by drawing out its natural patterns and protecting them. 

For a quicker finish, Fast Dry AC Lacquer Sheen gives a glossy and durable surface in less time.

6. Specialty Products

For specific needs, products like Cellulose Thinners are available to help thin and clean up finishes, ensuring your wood items maintain their quality over time.

Benefits of Using Livedale Woodcare Products

Using these wood care products has multiple benefits. They protect your wood furniture and other items from damage from the environment and normal wear and tear. 

Wood that is well taken care of can change the look of your space by adding warmth and style. For people who are sensitive to allergens, the hypoallergenic properties of products also make the home healthier.

DIY Woodcare Tips

Want solutions you’ll find at home? 

Here are some DIY tips for maintaining wood furniture and surfaces:

1. Cleaning Wood: 

Create a homemade cleaner with vinegar, olive oil, and lemon essential oil to clean and nourish your wood surfaces.

2. Polishing Wood: 

After cleaning, apply a thin layer of furniture polish or wax to restore shine. Homemade polishes can be made with natural oils and vinegar for an effective, natural solution.

3. Protecting Wood: 

Use trivets or placemats to prevent heat damage and blot up spills immediately to protect the wood finish.


To care for and improve wood in your home, you need the right products and tools. The range of woodcare products from Livedale gives you everything you need for good maintenance. With these products, you can clean, prepare, finish, and protect your wood furniture and surfaces so they stay beautiful and last for years to come.

When you use these products as part of your home maintenance routine, you are protecting it, making it a nicer place to live.