Online Attendance Management System: Digitally Clocking In

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Attendance sheets: Papers stacked together with names written on them. Employees coming at 9:20 am but adding attendance of 9:0o am. Employees were working overtime and not getting paid for it because the attendance record was not available at the time of payroll calculations.

Such is the truth of how companies used to be. But behold, the digital clone of the attendance sheet is here to record time with better recordkeeping and management. This digital clone comes in the form of an online attendance management system.

From Paper to Software: Right Direction

To think there was a time when papers were used in abundance for attendance sheets…

Every day a new stack of sheets was printed. It didn’t matter if paper was wasted, data lost, time entered wrong, or a single mistake caused the whole sheet to be reprinted; the important part was wasting paper.

But, today, it is all about sustainability. People understand the impact their carbon footprinting has on Earth, and going digital for even attendance takes us one step closer to a green world.

Online Attendance Management System, Employees, and a Better (Business) World

Basically, this software helps in helping to streamline attendance tracking and offers multiple options like those shared below:

  • Online Attendance is simpler. All you have to do is use biometric verification to clock in and out. Are you not at the office? Do you work from home?

No problem, just punch in and punch out using the software on your tablet, laptop or even mobile phone. Smart right?

It saves time too.

  • Integration is ever so easier: the point of having an online system for marking attendance is to make sure that everyone relevant, like the senior supervisor, HR manager, and the employee him/herself can check the details anytime, anywhere, and without any transparency roadblocks.
  • Want to apply for a leave? Just go to the software and send a leave request to your team lead and the HR manager simultaneously. Just add a reason and hit send.

Want to know how many leaves you can still avail as per the company’s policy?

Track your leave module. After using the rest, you will see how many leaves you are left with.

HR can also add the leave policy here, up and running, for everyone to check anytime they are confused about anything related to it.

  • Suppose you are giving more hours to the company. In that case, the company can maintain the record, analyze the performance, and even calculate bonuses without having long meetings and history record checkups.
  • Remote Attendance – The geo-fencing kind: you are getting late due to heavy traffic? You can take the meeting by participating online in your car. No problem. But, what about attendance?

No worries. Just mark your attendance with the remote attendance system. If you are near the office building, you can opt for geo-fencing. It helps in marking your attendance as soon as you enter a specific radius around the company building.

  • With visible graphical representation, you can use the  time attendance software as an HR manager to check the pattern even in developing nations like Pakistan. This helps in managing employees in a better way.
  • If you see a punctual employee coming late to work every day for the past week, just talk to him. He may be in need of a listener or help. Even moral support can be a great assist.

If you see any anomaly in the pattern of any employee, you can not only find a solution to this issue after finding the cause but also save time.

No need to talk with every employee on a daily basis. Just check with the ones who are showing a sudden shift in their punching in and punching out pattern.

Do you really need this system?

We understand that change, also a paid one, can be confusing. You may not be one hundred percent sure whether this change will benefit you and your employees. But, there is a solution for this too.

There are many software solutions available in the market that offer demo which helps you understand just what you are getting yourself into.

Then, there is also an option of using the trial version of the module of HR software. This means you can check any module, say attendance, performance, payroll, etc., and check if this module increases your company’s efficiency and reduces mundane mistakes.

This is really simple. Check it, try it, analyze the data, see if the insights are helpful, and only then buy the software.

You can also check for customizations. See if the software is offering tailoring so that even if what you need is not part of the module, it can be. If it can be once, you can also add more features later on.