Magento B2B eCommerce: Best Features with Dedicated Extensions for Growth and Scalability

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B2B eCommerce is one of the most crucial business domains ruling the entrepreneurship landscape on a global scale. Magento 2 is one of the most lucrative platforms providing enhanced features and capabilities to run B2B eCommerce businesses seamlessly. 

The key to making this platform effective for B2B commerce is the proactive Magento extension development services. Using the right extensions for your Magento 2 store will help you invoke all the necessary features for scaling your B2B eCommerce business to the next level. 

For instance, managing your order requests, handling clients, enabling various payment methods, and other such features can be easily integrated into your store through dedicated extensions. 

So, to help you understand the efficacy of Magento B2B, this article will dive deeper into the features that enhance the store capabilities. 

What do You Mean by Magento 2 B2B Commerce?

B2B is the form of business transaction which takes place between two businesses, especially wholesalers, retailers, or manufacturers. Magento is one of the most preferred platforms for B2B companies to start their eCommerce chain. 

There are dedicated Magento extensions for eCommerce that help you integrate the B2B commerce features into your store, such as Request Quotations, Contact Supplier, Quick Order, and others. 

By harnessing the ability of extensions for your Magento B2B commerce platform, you can enhance service efficiency and bring in new opportunities for running your business. 

What are the Magento B2B Features You Should Count On?

Do you know that Magento 2’s progressive web application (PWA) theme is a popular extension that helps store owners enhance the interface functionalities of their B2B eCommerce platform? 

Similarly, there are a lot of extensions for your Magento store with varying features to scale your productivity. So, to help you explore this efficacy of the platform, here are some of the advanced Magento B2B features that you can use upon creating a store with the right extensions over it:

1. Better Quoting Features

In the case of B2B businesses, the pricing is personalised and not fixed as that of B2C eCommerce. Thus, the clients or customers will be free to negotiate with the sellers depending on the bulk orders they intend to buy. But without a proper extension in place, your team might get a lot of calls and emails regarding the negotiations. Managing all of them manually would be very difficult. 

Therefore, you can opt for the dedicated Magento extensions to create a quote system for your Magento store. You can hire professionals to help you with tailored Magento extension development services to streamline this price negotiation process. Upon enabling the B2B price quoting functions, the buyers won’t have to wait for email responses to grab the deal at the best prices. Everything would be done at the storefront itself! 

2. Implement Payment Restrictions

At times, while processing bulk B2B orders, there might be a necessity to restrict payment options for some buyers. These restrictions might be imposed based on cash-on-delivery, shipping address, product attributes, cart items, etc. 

For instance, if the order request is from a location where you can’t provide cash-on-delivery services, it is better to revoke that payment option from the checkout page. Thus, you can use the Magento 2 Payment Restrictions extension to integrate this feature into your B2B commerce platform. 

3. Easy Checkout Feasibility

With Magento B2B eCommerce solutions, you can integrate One Step Checkout Magento 2 extension to streamline the buying process for your clients or customers. Such an extension will help scale your B2B product or service offering, as the checkout process will speed up. You can add custom themes to the checkout pages and configure the available options to prevent your customers from filling out their details on multiple pages. 

Let the B2B customers fill out all their information, such as preferred shipping method, address, and payment method, on a single page. Thus, your customers will have a better buying experience from your store, enhancing their satisfaction quotient. There will be a higher chance for those professionals to turn up to your store again for a re-purchase of goods. 

4. Customised Catalogues

Magento 2 B2B will help you with the ability to customise the catalogues to meet specific business needs. With this, you can provide a personalised preference for every customer group. You can use the ‘Shared Catalog’ feature to display two different types of catalogues to the common buyers and the companies. 

The website visitors or individual buyers will see different product options with varying price lists. On the other hand, bulk buyers such as small, mid-size, or large enterprises will see the same products with discounts and offers on bulk purchases. Magento B2B makes it easy to segregate the catalogue and attend to all types of customers. 

For more astounding appeal, you can always look up to Hyva theme extensions for your Magento 2 B2B store! May it be catalogue customization or the overall appeal of your site, you will have a lot of options to count on.

5. Advanced Shipping Facilities

Shipping is one of the most crucial components of running a B2B eCommerce business. Therefore, while you are handling your Magento 2 B2B store operations on technical aspects, look out for how you can automate the delivery options as well. Magento allows you to automate the steps associated with transporting ordered goods. 

Following that, all logistics and warehouse operations are streamlined, providing better flexibility and control in handling the shipping processes. Advanced shipping is one of the most preferred Magento B2B features, which comes with a lot of functionalities which includes:

  • Ability to set shipping rules based on product type, destination, order weight, order total, and customer group. 
  • Provides you with integration capabilities with multiple shipping carriers, including UPS, USPS, DHL, and FedEx. 
  • Optimise the order fulfilment process. 

Parting Words

Magento B2B is one of the most powerful eCommerce solutions for your business to sell bulk orders to small or large companies online. You have no limit on what features you can add or integrate into the store. All you have to do is avail Magento extension development services and get the required features added in no time. 

The developers you hire might also have their dedicated extension store for you to get along with pre-built options. So, do check them out while your custom extension is being built!