IV Therapy for Chronic Conditions: 5 Potential Benefits for Long Term Health

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Providing accurate and effective health care services to combat chronic ailments requires several processes. Several components in our body must be considered when treating or managing chronic ailments.

In terms of patients with poor digestion and low response to their treatment, as a result of a weak or compromised immune system, healthcare providers have been able to devise and harness an effective treatment technique called Intravenous(IV) Therapy.

This therapeutic procedure provides quality assistance to the elderly through their aging as well as individuals with poor immunity. In this article, we are going to understand IV therapy, how effective it is, as well as its benefits for improved health.

What Is Intravenous(IV) Therapy?

Intravenous (IV) therapy is a medical procedure that involves the administering of nutrients, vitamins, and medications into the body in the form of fluids, using a cannula.

This procedure is similar worldwide which means that, if you live in Massachusetts, IV Therapy Boston is no different from IV therapy in any other part of the world. This is because they aim toward the same goal.

Purpose of IV therapy

IV therapy is known to serve different purposes, some of which include;

  • Treatment of malnutrition by administering nutrients
  • Pain by administering pain relief
  • Blood loss by providing blood transfusion
  • Improve health conditions by administering medication
  • Severe dehydration by administering fluids
  • It further Boosts Immunity, reduces Inflammation, Digestive issues

What Is the Technique of IV Therapy?

Generally, the process of IV therapy involves placing a sterile needle into a particular part of the body. This results in a slight temporary discomfort when the skin is pierced with the needle.

Before the treatment, the health provider evaluates your past and present health record. In some cases, blood tests are carried out to ensure that an adequate amount of nutrients is infused into your bloodstream or body.

After this, you are directed to the IV therapy room. You’re made to sit in a comfortable chair as you begin your treatment. However, the amount of Intravenous fluid introduced into your body solely depends on your medical condition. 

Your provider proceeds to disinfect the skin over the area where you’d be injected before inserting the IV catheter.

After the catheter is placed, the therapy will take around 15-45 minutes based on the type of IV treatment. While waiting for the session to be over, you can watch tv or read a book to pass the time.

Types of IV Therapy

There are two main types of IV therapy, they are;

  • IV Drip

This is an Intravenous treatment that is gradually introduced into the bloodstream, using a plastic catheter that is inserted into the vein. 

In the administration of an IV drip, a small plastic catheter is inserted into a vein with the use of a sterile needle. The needle is quickly removed the moment the catheter is properly positioned in the vein.

IV drips are often done for 45-60 minutes and an average amount of 250-1000 ml of fluids is introduced per session.

  • IV Push: 

An Iv push is slowly and gradually introduced into the vein through a catheter that has been inserted previously. 

Unlike IV drip, an IV push is performed within 15-20 minutes and a total of 30-60ml of IV fluids are gradually pressed into a vein. IV Pushes are administered under the attentive supervision of healthcare specialists at all times.

5 Potential Benefits of IV Therapy for Long-Term Health

  1. Better Nutrient Absorption 

The rate of nutrient absorption is enhanced in patients with chronic diseases with IV therapy. 

This is because Iv therapy bypasses the digestive system which may be compromised in Individuals with chronic diseases and may not function adequately. 

It can deliver nutrients and supplements through the bloodstream, thereby resulting in an improved absorption rate as well as the immediate use of these nutrients to improve health.

  1. Improves Immunity 

It is no news how much of an impact chronic conditions have on the immune system and how detrimental it can be to overall well-being. 

With a compromised or weakened Immunity, Individuals are more infection and illness prone. 

But IV therapy can strengthen and Improve the immune system by introducing vitamins c, zinc, and antioxidants which are immune-boosting preformulated nutrient blends, directly into the circulatory system. 

  1. Minimal Inflammation: 

Many individuals suffering from chronic diseases often share a common factor called inflammation. 

Inflammation is the body’s response to irritants and is often present in patients with chronic health issues.

However, with IV therapy, they are provided with anti-inflammatory nutrients that can enhance their well-being and reduce inflammation, making them feel a lot better.

  1. Enhanced Energy Level

Chronic ailments are associated with fibromyalgia which results in excessive and continuous fatigue and lack of energy.

However, intravenous therapy can provide a rapid increase in energy levels by replenishing vital body nutrients and improving energy production within cells. 

  1. Enhanced Detoxification

The presence of toxins in the body alongside free radicals is capable of totally destroying the cells, DNA and enhancing aging.

Since antioxidants keep toxins away, the introduction of vitamin C, glutathione, and alpha lipoic acid in IV therapy can protect the body from these toxins and also result in the complete removal of these toxins from the human system.

Efficacy of IV Therapy

With intravenous therapy, there is an acceleration in the effectiveness of medical treatments as supplements and other essential needs of the body are administered through the bloodstream. How?

IV therapy bypasses the gastrointestinal tract which may be slow in digestion as a result of health defects and introduces essential fluids – specially formulated liquids– into your body through your vein. 

These IV fluids are used on individuals who are sick, dehydrated from excessive exercise, or heat or undergoing surgery.

The introduction of vitamins and medications directly to the cells that require them proves that IV therapy has the potential to impact and improve other parts of the body system and yield prolonged benefits on health in general.

IV Therapy For Improved Health

IV therapy serves to introduce lost essential nutrients which are required for wellness but can’t be gotten due to poor digestion and immunity.

This treatment procedure offers a lot of benefits to Individuals with or without chronic diseases. This treatment procedure is proven to be effective in several ways and facilitates quick recovery in Individuals

However, irrespective of how good this treatment procedure is, endeavor to speak with a professional healthcare provider before giving it a try. This way you will be given proper knowledge of the pros and cons of this treatment method as well as what suits you best.