Is Your Garage Door Not Balanced and Difficult to Open or Close? Spring Repair May Help

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If your garage door has become difficult to open or close and feels unbalanced, spring repair or adjustment may help resolve the issue. A garage door that is not balanced correctly can be a nuisance to operate and pose a safety hazard. Left unaddressed, a severely unbalanced door could potentially cause injuries.

Signs of an Unbalanced Garage Door

Some signs that your garage door may be unbalanced include if one side raises or lowers faster than the other, if the door binds or sticks during operation, or if you hear squeaking or screeching sounds from the door or tracks. An unbalanced door is typically the result of worn springs that no longer provide equal tension on both sides of the door. You may also notice the door does not stay in the fully open or closed position and instead creeps up or down slowly.

Why Springs Need Repair or Adjustment

Over time and through thousands of open/close cycles, the steel wound torsion springs that help balance a garage door will eventually wear down in Williamsburg, VA. These springs are located above the garage door and work to counterbalance the weight of the door. Proper spring maintenance performed once a year can extend the life of your springs. A trained garage door repair technician Williamsburg can inspect springs and check cable drums for signs of wear like broken filaments, corrosion, or cracks. Springs may just need adjustment by adding or removing tension via additional winding or unwinding. In severe cases of deterioration or damage, the springs may need replacement.

Spring Repair and Safety

It’s important that any work on garage door springs is handled by a qualified professional. The springs under high tension can cause serious injuries if they were to break or slip off the cable drums. Reputable companies will have liability insurance and use heavy-duty safety restraints when servicing springs. Taking the time to repair or replace worn springs helps ensure your garage door continues operating smoothly and safely for many more years of use. Don’t take chances with a potentially unstable door – call the experts for a garage door spring inspection and service.

How can unbalanced springs affect my door?

Unbalanced springs can make the door difficult to open and close manually. It will be noticeably harder to lift or lower one side of the door compared to the other. This can put strain on the person operating the door. With enough force, it may even cause the door to slam shut or spring open suddenly if not properly supported during operation.

The undue stress from unbalanced springs is not good for the various door components either. It can potentially lead to more severe issues down the road if not addressed. The tracks may become misaligned as one side of the door is forced to work harder than the other with each cycle. Over time, this can cause bending or warping of the tracks.

The door panels themselves may also start developing problems. With one spring providing more lift, it can cause the door to be crooked when fully open or closed. This additional pressure on the panels can lead to cracks or breaks in the wood or fiberglass. Connecting hardware like hinges and rollers may also wear out faster.

For the springs themselves, the added strain from being out of balance shortens their lifespan. Eventually the tension difference will worsen and cause one spring to snap. At that point, the door becomes unsafe to operate until repairs or replacements are made. Addressing any spring imbalance issues early through professional adjustment or replacement helps prevent costly damage and safety hazards down the road.

How long do garage door springs typically last?

Quality garage door springs under regular use typically last 5-10 years. However, factors like door usage frequency, size of the door, environmental conditions, and maintenance can affect spring life. Signs of worn springs usually start appearing within 5-7 years for a lighter-duty residential door.

In conclusion, if your garage door seems unbalanced and hard to operate, a spring repair or adjustment by a trained professional is recommended. They can inspect components, make any necessary adjustments to restore proper balance and tension, and replace springs if needed. This can help your door operate smoothly and last well into the future.

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