How to Select Ideal Vanity Size for Your Bathroom

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Smart space arrangement and up-to-date interior design are crucial for human psychology and essential to keep your homes free from mess and clutter. Bathrooms are of immense importance for our homes. 

People often make smart choices when designing and decorating their homes. One key component is vanity. Vanities contribute to cleanliness and offer valuable storage space. The most commonly available single vanity sizes are 24′ and 36’s. 36-inch vanity size is most commonly used as a smart choice for bathrooms. A 36-inch vanity with a sink is ideal for needs and space arrangement. 

Types of Vanities 

Bathrooms are always customized. This customized design is important because the space available for bathrooms varies from person to person. Therefore, vanities are available in different sizes, designs, and arrangements.

Wall-Mounted Vanities

Wall- Mounted Vanities are mounted on the walls without any apparent support from the floor. Wall-Mounted Vanities are the best choice for bathrooms with narrow spaces and people conscious of space arrangements. Wall-mounted vanities are available both with and without legs.  

Free Standing Vanities

Free-Standing Vanities come with the support of legs. They are not in direct support of the wall. The availability of different designs with different colors makes free-standing vanities a perfect choice for users. 

Corner Vanities

Corner vanities are designed to fit snugly in the corners of bathrooms. Corner vanities look smart and beautiful and give the best space arrangement. 

Double Vanities 

Double vanities are of immense importance for the bathrooms used by several family members. Double vanities with smart designs are the perfect choice for bathrooms used by multiple family members.

Which Design and Size of the Vanity Is the Best Choice for Your Bathrooms?

The best choice of vanity is inevitable for bathrooms to make them look smart, spacious, and beautiful. The size of vanity matters a lot because the space of bathrooms varies from one to another. Vanities are available in a variety of sizes. Vanities with single basins are of the dimensions 24 inches, 36 inches. Vanities with double sinks are of bigger sizes, like 72 inches. Among them, a 36-inch vanity size is the best choice people can make for their bathrooms. The vanity design is a person’s personal choice for his bathroom. Bright colors with slim designs of vanities act as the most appropriate choice. 

Single Sink vanities are available in sizes 24”, 36”, and 48”. Double Sink vanities come in sizes 60” and 72”. Depending on the bathroom layout and shape, different sizes can be used. For instance, a 36-inch vanity bathroom is considered best and ideal for small and medium-sized bathrooms. The reasons for this ideality are as follows: 

  • 36-inch vanities provide enough space for storage purposes in bathrooms with a narrow layout
  • It is not too small to hinder the daily chores of people 
  • It perfectly complements the requirements of your bathrooms
  • 36-inch vanity does not look bad in small-sized and narrow bathrooms 

Why Is Measuring Your Bathroom Crucial Before Choosing the Right Vanity Size and Design?

It is always the priority of people to make their bathrooms look beautiful, spacious, and user-friendly. Taking accurate measurements is essential for selecting a vanity or any other bathroom fixture. Following are the reasons which make taking bathroom measurements essential: 

  • Proper measures of the bathrooms are necessary to make full use of the vanity and other commodities
  • Taking measures ensures the vanity fits perfectly, enhancing the bathroom’s aesthetics
  • Measures are also essential to make full use of the layout and shape of the bathroom dimensions 

All the above reasons underscore the importance of recording the bathroom’s measurements, layout, and dimensions.

How To Measure Bathrooms for the Ideal Vanity Size?

Accurate bathroom measurements are essential for optimal interior design. Properly using methods to measure bathrooms for the ideal vanity size is crucial. The steps involved in the measurement of the bathroom are as follows: 

  1. Analyze the Scope of the Project

Analyzing the project scope determines whether new measurements are required or if the existing ones suffice. 

  1. Determine the Space Width

Space width is essential to open vanity doors and drawers properly and easily. The standard space width for the accommodation of single sink vanity is 18 inches. Eighteen inches should be available. 

  1. Determine Space Height

Determination of the space height is essential to accommodate vanity commodities like mirrors and electrical outlets, and for placement of faucets is necessary. The ideal vanity height for small and medium bathrooms is 36 inches.

  1. Determine the Space Depth

Determination of space depth is necessary to have an optimum distance for usable space. Usable space is inevitable to pass by the vanities and drawers easily. The standard vanity depths range from 17 to 24 inches. 


People pay a lot of attention to the proper space arrangement, design, and color combinations of their bathrooms. This is necessary to make their bathrooms cozy, modern, smart, and comfortable. Among all bathroom accessories, selecting an ideal vanity design that complements the bathroom’s layout, shape, and dimensions is crucial. Therefore, the vanity size needs to be proportional to concerning bathroom size.