How to Register a Company in the USA?

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The procedure may differ slightly from one US state to another if you want to form your company in the United States, and it will depend on the kind of commercial activity that your firm will be engaged in. On the other hand, the overall process is more or less the same.

Choose a Business Structure

Choose a business structure for your company that corresponds to the kind of operations it will be performing in accordance with this decision. In most cases, it is suggested that non-US citizens form a limited liability company (LLC), while citizens of the United States should form an S corporation.

Choose a State

Make a decision on the state you want to incorporate your business in. If you already know where your primary place of business will be located, it is in your best interest to establish your company in that state so that you may streamline your administrative processes. If you do not intend to maintain a physical presence in the United States, you are free to company registration in USA in any state you choose. Many people from other countries choose to establish their companies in Nevada, Delaware, or Wyoming because these states have the lowest corporation tax rates and are the friendliest to business owners.

Apply for Business Name Registration

You are required to register a trade name for your firm with the US firm Register if you are not operating your business under your own name as the sole proprietor of the enterprise. During the process of registering a business name for your firm, you are need to take in mind a number of considerations connected to intellectual property. Some of them include US trademark infringement provisions, copyright regulations, and others.

Appoint a Registered Agent

Choose a state in which to have your business legally represented and appoint a local representative to act as your registered agent there. The state in which your company is based will recognize the registered agent as an official representative of your firm, and your business will give the registered agent permission to accept legal documents on your behalf.

Register Your Business with the Internal Revenue Service and the State Revenue Office

An Employer Identification Number, or EIN, is a number that is assigned to a company in order for the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) to be able to maintain track of that company. You will need to provide your social security number in order to get an EIN. You can use an Individual Taxpayer Identification Number (ITIN) in place of a social security number if you are the owner of a foreign company and don’t have a social security number and don’t meet the requirements to obtain one. You are able to open bank accounts, make tax payments, and hire staff after obtaining an EIN.

Get the Required Licenses and Permits

It is dependent on the nature of your company and the line of work that it engages in as to which licenses and permissions you will need in order to company registration in USA from India legally. For instance, businesses operating in the fields of medicine, dentistry, or architecture need to hold a professional license in order to do business.