How Easy Is It to Learn the Russian Language? 

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Russian ranks at the eighth number as the most spoken language in the world. People speak this language in many formal Soviet states. Approximately 155.1 million people around the world speak this language. The popularity of this language also highlights the significance of Russian translation services

In the space Russian language is spoken. Therefore, astronauts must know how to communicate in this language. In emergencies, all the instructions to astronauts are given in Russian. Some people think that Russian is a difficult language to learn, but they are wrong in this assumption. They made this assumption because of its unique alphabet and limited Russian language teaching facilities.

 Let’s find out how easy it is to learn the Russian language. 

The Russian Language has no Articles 

In other languages like Spanish, French, and Italian, the articles are part of their language. The best part of the Russian language is that there are no articles involved in this language. This thing makes the Russian language easy to learn. Moreover, you make fewer mistakes because you do not need to remember articles. Additionally, you have to make less effort in speaking the Russian language fluently and it will sound like you are a native speaker. 

Easy Word Order 

The word order in the Russian language is not strict like the English. Therefore, you can change the order of words without any specific rule. In English, you have to follow the structure of the sentence like subject, verb, and object. In the Russian language, you don’t have to do so, and you can easily construct the sentence by shuffling the words. 


Russian letters are always pronounced the same, unlike English, where the same letter can have different sounds. Learning Russian pronunciation is easier because each letter has a consistent sound. The only exception is the letter О, which sounds like А when unstressed and О when stressed.

Alphabets are different, but still, they are easy to learn 

Many people avoid learning Russian because of its Cyrillic alphabet. However, they are not as difficult as people think. Unlike Japanese or Chinese, you only need to learn 33 letters. With the right method, an average intelligent person can read Cyrillic in under 3 hours. In the initial stages, you may face difficulty in learning the Russian alphabet, so to mitigate the difficulty level you can take assistance from Russian translation services. 

Forms of Verb 

Russian has just three verb forms: present, past, and future. It also has two aspects: imperfective and perfective. Unlike many other languages, Russian doesn’t have a verb for “to be” in the present. This makes learning Russian less complicated for language learners. 

One Word to be Used for Politeness 

The other thing that makes the Russian language easy to learn is that you don’t have to learn too many pleasantries. Thus, only one word can be used for politeness phrases. This word is  “пожалуйста” (pazhàlusta),  which means please.  

One Word to Say No 

Just like pleasantries, you need to learn one word to say no. You just have to add the word “не” before nouns, verbs, and adjectives to express negation. 

Speaking Russian Language with Russian Speakers 

The foremost reason that Russian is easy to learn is that English proficiency in Russia is very low. Therefore, Russian language learners have no choice but to speak with Russian people in their native language. Do not get worried. If you find difficulty in communication, then you can take help from translation services. When you are compelled to speak the Russian language, even if you are still learning then it makes your Russian language learning venture easy. In many other countries, the English proficiency of people is very high. Therefore, they don’t learn new languages. 

For example, in Holland, every single person speaks English. The same is the case with the people living in Amsterdam. People do enroll them in language learning classes but they leave them quickly because they feel the necessity of learning a new language. 

If you are planning your trip to Russia, then Russian translation services can help you to communicate with Russian people. But as a tourist, you must learn basics in this language such as how to say hello, thank you, and goodbye. 

Russian Films have made Language Learning Easier

Learning Russian is made easier because there are many films and series available with English subtitles. Russian movies and series are important for improving spoken Russian and are enjoyable to watch. Less popular languages like Dutch have limited movies or TV series with English subtitles, making learning challenging.

For Russian learners, there’s a wide variety of genres available with English subtitles, including war, love stories, comedy, and documentaries, for practice in the early stages.

Wrapping Up 

Do you still think that Russian is a difficult language to learn? You can learn the language easily by giving attention to detail listening, vocabulary, grammar, and speaking. Happy learning the Russian language!