How Can We Access Blocked Sites with A VPN?

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The internet is a vast reservoir of information, connectivity, and entertainment. However, some websites become inaccessible due to organisational policies, governmental regulations, or geo-restrictions. For those looking to bypass such restrictions, a Virtual Private Network (VPN) emerges as a vital tool. This article will guide you through accessing blocked sites using a Best VPN Reddit.

Understanding Website Restrictions

Before addressing the solution, it is necessary to comprehend the reasons behind website blocking:

Governmental Censorship: 

Some governments block access to specific sites for political, social, or security reasons.


Websites, especially streaming services, often restrict content based on location due to licensing agreements.

Network Restrictions: 

Schools, universities, and workplaces might block a few sites to prevent distractions or maintain network security.

How Does a VPN Help?

A VPN masks your IP address and routes your internet traffic through an encrypted tunnel to a server in a location of your choice. It allows you to circumvent any restrictions that may be local or network-specific because, as it happens, you are connecting to the internet through the server’s location.

Steps to Access Blocked Sites with a VPN

Choose a Reliable VPN Service: Begin by researching and selecting a trustworthy Best VPN Reddit provider. Look for features like strong encryption, a strict no-logs policy, a vast server network, and good user reviews. 

Download and Install: 

After selecting a VPN service provider, download the official VPN client from their website or app store. Install the application on your device, following on-screen instructions.

Connect to a Server: 

Launch the VPN application and sign in using your credentials. Browse through the list of available servers. To access a blocked site, connect to a server in a location where that site is accessible. For instance, if a show is available on US Netflix but not in your country, connect to a US server.

Access the Blocked Site: 

Once connected to a server, open your browser or app and visit the previously blocked site. You should now have unrestricted access.

Disconnect Once Done:

Remember to disconnect from the VPN before browsing. So you can utilise your connection once more.

Potential Issues and Solutions

While VPNs are incredibly effective, users might sometimes encounter problems:

VPN Blocks: 

There are websites with VPN detection features, particularly streaming platforms. The solution is to try different servers or opt for a VPN known to bypass such detections.

Speed Reduction: 

VPNs can sometimes reduce your connection speed due to the encryption process and the longer route your data takes. Premium VPNs, however, usually offer faster speeds and bandwidth, minimising this issue.

Legal Considerations: 

In some countries, the use of VPNs gets restricted or outright banned. Always familiarise yourself with local laws before using a VPN to access blocked content.


A VPN is an indispensable tool for internet users seeking unrestricted access to online content. By rerouting and encrypting your internet traffic, VPNs offer a gateway to blocked sites, ensuring a more private and secure browsing experience. However, always use this tool responsibly, maintaining local regulations and the ethics of bypassing restrictions.