How AI Is Helping the Event Tech Industry

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The event tech industry has been on a roll and has taken off in recent years, especially after the COVID pandemic. And it couldn’t have been possible without leveraging the latest technologies like AI. AI can assist event organizers in a variety of ways, including boosting productivity and managing mundane tasks.  

Artificial intelligence is helping event organizers with both organizing and setting up online and offline events. Since attending online events only requires Cox Internet packages or any form of internet access, these types of events are frequently organized. Explore how AI can assist in the event tech industry in the following:  

Organizing and Automating Tasks 

A lot goes into organizing events from marketing, sending invites, and managing different administrative tasks. Leveraging AI can significantly lower the workload of teams in taking care of such tasks. Artificial Intelligence allows you to organize and automate various processes.  

For example, event organizers can schedule their marketing efforts with AI-powered third-party tools. Similarly, email and SMS automation tools can send invites to hundreds of people in a matter of minutes. Further, administration tasks like managing employees also become easier with Artificial Intelligence.  

Content Creation with Generative AI 

Tech events require a ton of content to keep the audience engaged while serving the intended purposes. Coming up with names of different segments, writing speeches, creating slides, generating graphs, and so much more.  

Generative AI tools like ChatGPT can help companies with brainstorming ideas and creating all forms of content required. This way, teams can focus on other tasks and save time on these otherwise colossal preparations. The boost in content creation productivity is excellent to counter creative blocks. Your teams can prepare well ahead of schedule thanks to these technologies. 

Create a Personalized Experience for Event Attendees  

The main purpose of attending events for most people is networking. Facilitating networking opportunities by grouping like-minded people or grouping the seating arrangements for people with similar interests can make a lot of difference to the experience for event attendees.  

Thanks to the technology available today, collecting data and making such data-backed decisions is easier than ever. Simple forms for booking a spot can help you with making such arrangements. For example, event organizers can group computer science majors. Similarly, people can be grouped based on the industry they work for.  

In the same way, you can take other factors for pairing people for the events. Taking such steps can provide a more personalized experience to event attendees.  

Translations and Subtitles 

When organizing events for an international crowd, a major challenge is the language barrier. Not everyone may understand English or some other language of speakers. Traditionally, translators are hired for this purpose. But now AI has made it easier for people to understand speech. Automated translators translate speech and text to one’s native language for optimum understanding. 

In addition to translations, communications can also be more effective at these events when one can see live captions. Subtitles and captions can ensure that people understand most of the communication they have at these events.  

Leverage Data Driven Insights 

Meeting the expectations of attendees at events is very important for their success. If there is a disconnect, such events may not bring the intended value to the audience. AI can assist in avoiding this type of issue by making event arrangement decisions based on data instead of one’s ideas.  

This data could be collected by tracking the online journey on the event organizer’s website. Other channels to collect data can be an event organizer’s social media channels. Monitoring engagements on your Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and even TikTok. Activities like Twitter polls can also help with many things.  

Lastly, the best way to plan for new events is by recording data from recent events organized by an event organizing company. Feedback from attendees can help make new events better.  

Future of AI in Organizing Events 

From how things are going, the future of AI in event organizing looks very bright. There are multiple reasons for it, like saving the organizers from mundane tasks. Automating various processes further takes the workload off them.  

The increase in profitability and boost in satisfaction for attendees are expected to be the chief reasons for the success of AI in organizing events. Leveraging technologies early on can give event organizers a competitive edge. Therefore, it is highly encouraged to embrace it.