Harness vs. Collar What’s Best for Your Pup’s Comfort?


Of such decisions is the best safety gear for your pooch. A harness or a collar? Which should it be? In this article, we examine the advantages of both dog gears, giving you a chance to choose which is best for your pup’s comfort, depending on the particular event or occasion.

Harness or Collar?

Which balances pressure?

The no-pull feature of a harness prevents dogs from pulling on the leash to get away or cause an injury in the process. The harness, therefore, distributes the weight of the gear over the body of the dog, including the chest, shoulders, and back, which balances the pressure if your dog tries to leash-pull. This is contrary to the collar fashion that applies much pressure to the neck.

Which is great for joint pains?

Because the harness discourages pulling and ultimately straining your pooch’s muscles and joints, which causesĀ dog pains, it is the ideal choice for a pooch suffering from joint issues like osteoarthritis or prone to such diseases and pains.

Which is more secure?

Harnesses are made to keep dogs in check and give more mobility control to the owner. They may come with either front or back clips and double or multiple clips to keep your dog secure and not easily slipping out of the gear. Unlike collars, this feature of harness comes in handy when taking your dog on a walk or a run, such that you have higher controlling power and can direct your dog’s movement as you want it.

Which provides for pet identification?

Unlike a traditional harness, a collar allows you to attach an ID tag describing your dog, your home address, and an emergency contact. It is the safest option for your dog when going out to a crowded place, as it even allows for GPS tracking discs.

Which is easier to use and navigate

A collar is easier to set up and have your dog wearing it in no time, unlike a harness with different straps and clips and a more technical way to put it on. It is also pretty convenient and can remain on your dog for a while without having to take off.

There are a few arguments for and against both pet gear, but we must state both a harness and a collar are important for your dog’s welfare. However, when the comfort of your pup is in question, we recommend you go for the gear that best suits your dog’s needs at the time. Therefore, when going on a hike or a run with your pooch, you can get a Personalised Dog Harness, while a play date in the park will be safer with a collar that has your dog’s name on it.