From Classic to Creative Wing Varieties to Top Your Pizza



Pizza and wings make for a classic combination loved by many. While traditional Buffalo wings are a popular choice, there is a world of wing varieties to explore when it comes to topping your pizza. From classic flavors to creative twists, different wing varieties can add a burst of flavor and texture to your pizza experience. In this article, we will delve into the realm of wing varieties, offering a range of options to top your pizza with.

Classic Buffalo Wings

Let’s start with the classics—Buffalo wings. These wings are known for their tangy and spicy flavor, usually coated in a mixture of hot sauce and melted butter. Buffalo wings add a delightful kick to your pizza, complementing the flavors of the sauce and toppings. Whether you prefer mild or extra spicy, Buffalo wings are a timeless choice for pizza enthusiasts.

BBQ Wings: Sweet and Smoky

If you’re a fan of smoky and sweet flavors, BBQ wings are an excellent choice. These wings are typically coated in a rich barbecue sauce, offering a perfect blend of sweetness and tanginess. BBQ wings add a layer of smokiness and depth to your pizza, especially when combined with toppings like caramelized onions or grilled vegetables.

Teriyaki Wings: Sweet and Savory

For a fusion of sweet and savory flavors, teriyaki wings are a fantastic option. These wings are marinated in a flavorful teriyaki sauce, which adds a deliciously sweet and tangy taste. Topped on your pizza, teriyaki wings bring a touch of Asian-inspired flair and pair well with ingredients like pineapple, bell peppers, or sesame seeds.

Garlic Parmesan Wings: A Flavorful Twist

If you’re looking for a milder yet flavorful option, garlic Parmesan wings are an excellent choice. These wings are coated in a combination of garlic, butter, and Parmesan cheese, resulting in a creamy and savory flavor profile. When added to your pizza, garlic Parmesan wings provide a rich and indulgent taste that pairs well with a variety of toppings, such as spinach, mushrooms, or cherry tomatoes.

Creative and Exotic Wings

To take your pizza experience to the next level, consider exploring creative and exotic wing varieties. Options like spicy Korean wings with gochujang sauce, tangy lemon pepper wings, or even fiery jerk wings can add a unique twist to your pizza toppings. These creative wing flavors provide an adventurous and bold dining experience that is sure to impress.


From classic flavors to creative twists, wing varieties offer an exciting range of options to top your pizza. Whether you prefer the tangy kick of Buffalo wings, the smoky sweetness of BBQ wings, the fusion of flavors in teriyaki wings, the savory creaminess of garlic Parmesan wings, or the adventurous journey of exotic wing flavors, there is a wing variety to suit every pizza lover’s taste. As for the question, How much are Cici’s Pizza wings? Cici’s Pizza offers an array of wing options, and while this article focuses on wing varieties, the specific pricing may vary, and it’s best to check with your local Cici’s Pizza for their current wing prices. So, the next time you’re enjoying a pizza, consider adding a tantalizing wing variety on top for a burst of flavor and a memorable pizza experience.