Emergency Gears Every Person Should Have on Hand

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Nobody knows what the future holds. The global pandemic took the world by surprise, as did 9/11. A person needs to be prepared for anything. How can someone go about achieving this goal? What items are essential during an emergency? The following list provides a good starting point for supplies. Once a person has these in place, they can begin adding additional things. 


When it comes to emergency gears, water needs to sit at the top of the list. Every person needs water to survive. They can only go a few days without water, but can live much longer without food. In addition, if they know which items are safe to eat and which aren’t, they can forage for food outdoors. The same cannot be said for water. 

A person cannot look at water and determine if it is safe to drink. Tiny microorganisms invisible to the eye could be present in the water, and these substances may be ones that make humans ill. A person should never drink water from a natural source without running it through a filter first. 

A simple solution would be to purchase bottled water, right? Not necessarily. Bottled water is heavy to carry, and a person must have a place to store this water. This limits how much they can keep at one time. A water filtration system eliminates this concern and ensures a person can have clean drinking water wherever they are, even if municipal sources aren’t available. 

Don’t purchase an inexpensive water filtration device and assume it will do the job. It falls on the buyer to know which particles the filtration system is capable of removing. Whenever possible, choose the filtration system that removes the largest number of particles. In addition, look for a gravity feed system because these systems continue working even when the power grid is down. The owner will have clean water regardless of what is happening in the world around them.

Canned Goods

Canned goods are another thing a person should have an ample supply of in an emergency. Canned goods last an extended period. Manufacturers put best-by and use-by dates rather than expiration dates. The best-by date is the date the manufacturer recommends consuming the food by for the best quality. The use-by date, in contrast, is the date when the product will be its freshest and provide the best texture and flavor. The quality of the food begins deteriorating after this date, although the food can still be

Store the canned goods in a cool, dry, and dark place. The temperature needs to remain below 85 degrees Fahrenheit in the area where the cans are stored. If the cans are exposed to temperatures over 100 degrees Fahrenheit, the contents may be harmed. To reduce the risk of this happening, avoid keeping canned goods by the stove, under a sink, or in an uninsulated garage or basement. 

Light Sources

Light will be needed to maneuver after dark. When the power grid goes down, this light might not be available through traditional sources for several days or weeks. The obvious answer would be to have battery-operated flashlights readily available wherever they may be needed. However, batteries don’t last forever, so men and women should have other light sources on hand. 

Emergency light bulbs are of great help immediately following a disaster. These bulbs charge themselves and automatically turn on when the power grid goes down. As they are extremely energy efficient, a person might want to invest in several light bulbs for the home.

Crank-operated flashlights are an excellent option. When a person wants power, they simply turn the crank until the flashlight is recharged. In fact, this is a good way to keep young children entertained immediately following the emergency. They love cranking the flashlight and seeing how their work led to light being produced. As these flashlights are portable, every family should have a few on hand. 

Solar-powered lights are another option a person should consider. Many homes today already have solar-powered lights outside. These lights illuminate the property after dark. The same lights may be brought into the home following an emergency to provide illumination after dark. Consider this when purchasing the lights and choose those that will provide the highest level of illumination indoors or out. 

First Aid Supplies

When gathering first aid supplies, invest in the essentials like bandages and first aid creams. Include extras of prescription medications in this kit for situations where pharmacies cannot open and provide them. Furthermore, spend time learning about natural treatments, such as herbal medicines and essential oils. Men and women who know how to treat people using nothing more than what nature can provide will be in high demand in emergencies. 


People need a way to purchase goods and services during an emergency. Banks and other financial institutions may not be open for business, and debit or credit cards may not work. Many people today invest in cryptocurrency for emergencies, but they are only of benefit when digital systems are operational. Every person needs a backup currency they can easily access in a worst-case scenario. 

Invest in a safe and keep cash on hand. It never hurts to have easy access to a few hundred dollars. This safe can also hold precious metals, which can be used as currency in challenging situations. However, currency can be something other than a tangible item that people exchange. 

Learn valuable skills that may be needed in an emergency. Doctors, in the past, would often take payment in the form of chickens, eggs, or canned food. Grow a garden, can the harvest, and stockpile it to trade during an emergency. Learn how to sew and offer these services in exchange for needed items.

Carpenters are often in high demand following a natural disaster, as people need help repairing their homes. Mechanics might be called on to repair vehicles harmed in the disaster, and small engine repair specialists have valuable skills needed in these situations. 

Self-defense skills are also of help. People may be willing to trade essentials to have someone protect them from harm. It takes less effort to survive a crisis when people come together and share their unique skill sets for the good of the community. Bartering is a form of currency that has been around for centuries and should not be overlooked in situations such as these. 


A person might find themselves without shelter in an emergency. Their normal shelter may be uninhabitable for many reasons, and they need a place that will protect them from the elements. A lightweight tent is a wonderful thing to have in this situation, but a person can get by making a shelter from natural items. This should be a last resort, as constructing this shelter will take valuable time and energy. 

In addition to a tent, every family member should have a sleeping bag and a ground pad. It’s helpful to have a tarp to place under the sleeping bags, but this is not essential. An emergency space blanket or waterproof blanket is of great help, as is a waterproof rain poncho or similar item. 

When choosing clothing, men and women should look for those that are both warm and lightweight. If they have to move around to find necessary supplies, they don’t want to be weighed down by heavy clothing, but they also want to remain warm. Natural fibers such as wool are beneficial in these situations. Also, invest in items such as quick-dry underwear and wool hiking socks. Have two sets of each for every member of the family. 

Communication Devices

People need to communicate following an emergency. Working with others, they can learn areas where it is safe to travel and those which need to be avoided.  They can also receive critical communications from authorities. Invest in multiple radios, including battery-operated, solar-powered, and hand-crank versions.

In addition, have several power packs on hand to charge cellular devices. These are power packs that can be recharged by the sun, so this is one option every person should consider. However, other communication devices need to be available if it rains for days and the power pack cannot charge fully.

Consider learning to use a ham radio. This device works when all other communication methods fail. In addition, a person can barter this skill in difficult times and get what they need while helping others connect with loved ones. 

Every person has strengths and weaknesses. Knowing what these are will be beneficial when gathering not only supplies in preparation for an emergency but also knowing who to befriend. Build a solid support system, one that encourages bartering and working together. If the worst happens, this system will be in place and ready for action. No price can be put on the peace of mind that comes with knowing help is available regardless of what is happening.