Embrace Urban Living with Apartments for Sale in Adelaide’s Central District


Have you always wanted to live somewhere bigger, with more of everything? Maybe you’ve lived somewhere remote for most of your life and are approaching the point where you’d like to spread your wings and fly! Adelaide’s central district provides just that opportunity.

Perfect for the keen real estate investor looking to buy apartments and rent them to new students at the University of Adelaide or the University of South Australia, or parents looking to ensure their children aren’t caught up in the rental crises of many university towns and cities across Australia. Apartments for sale in Adelaide are just what you’re looking for. 

As the coastal capital of South Australia, Adelaide is a hotbed of urbanised living, from cafes and art galleries to multi-use waterfront trails and easy access to the water of St. Vincent’s Gulf, where canoeing and kayaking are popular. 

From house hunter singles or couples looking for their first large apartment to real estate investors looking for a long-term rental option, Adelaide’s picturesque setting and huge amounts to do make it an attractive option for the young and culture/adventure oriented.

About Adelaide, South Australia 

Adelaide is South Australia’s most populous city and the state’s fifth-largest by area. Sprawling over 3600 square kilometres, this home of 1.38 million people offers everything you need (and would expect) in a large cosmopolitan city. 

Adelaide is one of Australia’s most sought-after destinations for tourists and newcomers. It has a central location in South Australia and is a major transit route for those venturing east-west or north-south. 

Adelaide has experienced major urbanisation in the last 20 years, with multiple buildings being repurposed and many festivals coming to the city. It’s a city that embraces people’s diversity and celebrates their culture, artwork, food, and more while providing a safe and busy city to cater to the needs of its residents.

  • Population: 1.38 million people. 
  • Median House Price: The median house price in Adelaide is $650,981, up by 1.3% over last year’s median price. Like many Australian cities, Adelaide saw a property market explosion in 2020 and 2021, rising more than 44.7%.
  • Median Rental Price: For an urban city, Adelaide’s average rent is a few hundred dollars less than in comparative cities like Perth, at $405/week for houses and $340/week for units.
  • Demographics: Although more current data is forthcoming, a 2016 census put Adelaide’s gender demographics at 52.4% male and 47.6% female. 

Adelaide’s cheaper rent and many universities and colleges make it ideal for students and, therefore, is ideal for those looking to buy apartments for sale in Adelaide or for real estate investors looking to buy for-sale unit complexes.

Outside of real estate advantages, Adelaide is a happening place. From the bustling Adelaide Central Market to the sports games of football, rugby, cricket, and tennis that are periodically hosted at the Adelaide Oval. Animal lovers can find native and foreign wildlife at the Adelaide Zoo. Botanists will love the Adelaide Botanical Gardens or the Himeji Garden, an homage to Japanese gardening.

Adelaide Property Market: A Haven for Expansion

Adelaide’s property market fared better than others at the start of the post-pandemic, despite property prices climbing 44.7 points, and has continued to increase house valuation year-on-year, with a current Compound Annual Growth rate of 18.7% from last year. It’s worth noting that the CAG of house rentals in Adelaide is up 11.1% from the previous year, making house rentals an interesting opportunity for property enthusiasts looking to expand their portfolio.

In 2023, the Property Tribune bestowed the title of Australia’s strongest housing market upon Adelaide, with a rise in all prices of 5.23%.

Family Home/In-House Units

Many Adelaide home designs have been front-end single-level homes throughout the decades, with an upstairs added to the rear of the properties. This style of home is still common throughout Adelaide’s suburbs today. Given this design of home, many real estate investors are purchasing older homes in Adelaide suburbs and modernising their interior while keeping the exterior in their more classical style. These are then rented to either families or students. 


Given Adelaide’s current population and its growth predictions in the future, it makes sense that the city’s rental market is booming, with a mixture of more luxurious downtown high-rise apartments and home-based apartments in the suburbs. With more than 20 houses becoming available in the last month alone and over 1000 renters interested in one such real estate snapshot.

It’s clear from the data that Adelaide is a hotbed of rental-seekers, making it the perfect time to buy new apartments for sale in Adelaide and then rent those out, or get in on the action and buy your own. For real estate investors, the Adelaide housing market provides a fantastic option to buy, as rent plateaued at a reasonable rate in January of this year.


Townhouses are another option for rentals in Adelaide, although these are less frequently available than apartment units or houses. Townhouses are typically two or three-bedroom split-level homes a little further from the city centre than Adelaide’s apartments. However, these are typically close enough to use the Adelaide Metro rather than driving or commuting by bicycle.

Townhouses sometimes come up for sale as they are less expensive than a traditional detached house, although the current market is small, but they make a perfect inexpensive option for the budding real estate investor, or a property enthusiast looking to buy and rent one out.

Other Things to Love About Adelaide

Adelaide has all the charm you’d expect of a major city, steeped in history and sitting on the ancestral home of the Kaurna People, who lived a semi-nomadic lifestyle throughout the region. In modern times, Adelaide is known as a city of festivals and where diversity and wealth have coalesced since it’s colonial period, as the only establishment of free people in the entire country – the rest of settled Australia being comprised of penal colonies. 

Festivals Galore

One of Adelaide’s main attractions for younger people is the allure of Adelaide’s many festivals! There are music, film, and motorsport festivals. Including the Adelaide Fringe and the Adelaide Festival.

Adelaide’s Suburban Wine Country

Any wine lovers in Australia have probably tasted the vines of Adelaide’s northeastern Barossa Valley. Drive or ride through Adelaide’s spectacular wine country, getting tasters and tours as you go. Wine brings wealth, so real estate investors can look to the wineries that dot the northeast to indicate real estate potential in Adelaide’s suburbs.

Major City, Major Convenience

Alongside Adelaide’s metro system is a robust bus system, bicycle rentals, and the O-Bahn. This guided busway services many northeastern Adelaide suburbs, providing easy access to the CBD. In addition, the downtown core of Adelaide puts many of it’s attractions within walking distance. Perfect for the students living in apartments, or people living in apartment complexes on the outskirts of the city.

Why You Should Invest in Adelaide, South Australia

If you’ve been looking for a place in South Australia to invest, Adelaide has to be a consideration. It was one of the strongest cities in the real estate market in 2022 and more than earned its title as the “Silicon Valley of Australia.” Furthermore, Adelaide’s suburbs have experienced a huge population boom in the last five years, keeping pace with Australia’s overall population boom of nearly one-third in the last 20 years!

The influx of people means more homes need to be built, more apartments need to be built and rented and will likely be filled, as the value of apartments is expected to slowly rise in the next two years, which means that you’re nearly guaranteed a return on investment.

How PEET Can Help You in Adelaide, South Australia

PEET has decades of experience guiding buyers and sellers through some of the best and worst times in the Australian real estate landscape. Whether you’re a first-time buyer looking to buy an apartment for sale in Adelaide or a real estate investor who’s focused on the future, our team is prepared to offer our knowledge and experience to help you acquire property in the beating heart of South Australia.

Apartments for Apartment Dwellers 

PEET’s focus in Adelaide is ensuring newcomers to the city have more than enough adequate housing. Our developments, which range from 8km from the CBD through to the suburbs, offer sleek and stylish apartments fit for students or working professionals who need to be closer to the action of downtown Adelaide or near the school of their choice. 

With easy access to many public transport options available, PEET’s Adelaide projects aim to make life easier for those living and loving the hustle and bustle of South Australia’s largest city.

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