Discover the Magic: The 3N1 Instant Boiling Hot & Cold Water Tap with Tank & Filter

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Instant access to boiling water can be a game changer in the kitchen. No more waiting for water to cook on the stove or microwave. With the 3N1 instant boiling and cold water tap, you’ll wonder how you ever lived without it. This innovative tap isn’t just a water heater; it’s a filtered water system, and cold water taps all in one space-saving design.

Enjoy Endless Hot Water On Demand

The 3N1 tap allows you to get boiling 100°C hot water instantly at the push of a button. No more waiting for the kettle to cook when you want a cup of coffee or tea. The hot water tank has a 3-litre capacity to handle multiple uses in a row. It heats the water in seconds, giving you a continuous flow whenever needed.

You’ll always have hot water, even when doing multiple tasks like cooking pasta, making hot drinks, and washing dishes. The tank reheats automatically after use, ensuring there’s always hot water ready when you need it next. The powerful 3500W heater brings the temperature up rapidly.

Additional Features To Make Life Easier

Aside from the instant boiling water, this tap has other features that make it highly convenient. A separate filtered cold water lever gives you clean, refreshing water straight from the tap—no need to keep water bottles chilling in the fridge.

The tap head has a smooth swivel motion, allowing you to pivot it out of the way if you need more room at the sink. The hot and cold levers are marked with red and blue indicators, eliminating any guesswork.

The boiling lever also has a safety lock to prevent accidental use. Just slide the lock in place when not in use, mainly if children are home. This gives you peace of mind and prevents potential injuries or spills.

High-Quality Filtration For Better Tasting Water

Another major perk of this tap is the built-in water filtration. The filter removes chlorine, minerals, chemicals, and impurities from tap water. This instantly makes your drinking water taste better without plastic bottled water.

The filtration system uses a multistage cartridge to cleanse the water thoroughly. It reduces substances like copper, cadmium, mercury, benzene, lead, and more. You’ll notice the difference in the improved flavour and smell of the water.

The filter is easy to replace, ensuring optimal water flow and filtration quality. Keeping the filter changed means you continuously get clean, pleasant-tasting water every time you use the tap.

Modern Stylish Design

This tap is more than just highly functional. It also boasts a contemporary style that instantly elevates your kitchen. The minimalist design features clean lines and a high arc swivel spout. This modern aesthetic enhances any kitchen décor from traditional to ultra-modern.

The tap is made from solid stainless steel, built to last through years of regular use. The construction prevents rusting, tarnishing, or mineral build-up. It maintains its sleek, polished look without you having to scrub or polish it.

Choose from various finishes like brushed steel, chrome, or matte black to match your existing hardware and appliances. The 3N1 tap combines advanced functionality with good looks, so you don’t have to sacrifice form for function.

Hassle-Free Installation

Installing the 3N1 tap yourself is a straightforward process. It comes with all the accessories and fittings needed for installation. Detailed instructions walk you through each step, making it user-friendly even if you’ve never installed a tap.

The basic installation process involves:

  • Shutting off the water supply
  • Removing existing tap
  • Installing tap base with plates and seals
  • Connecting water supply lines
  • Attaching tank

Most standard kitchen faucets have a similar configuration, so the 3N1 uses existing hookups—no need for expensive or complex behind-the-wall plumbing work. Everything is contained in the central tap unit.

The tank can sit neatly inside a cabinet to clear the space under your sink. All the electrical components are ETL-approved for safety and reliability.

Enjoy Hot Water Convenience Today

The 3N1 instant boiling water tap delivers the best of all worlds for hot water. You get:

  • On-demand boiling water at any time
  • A built-in filtration system for cleaner water
  • A stylish, minimalist tap design
  • Easy DIY installation

Stop waiting for hot water and start enjoying this kitchen game-changer. The boiling water functionality saves you time and makes cooking much more convenient. Filtered cold water and a hot water tank in a single stylish insinkerator hot tap – what’s not to love? Upgrade your sink today with the magic of instant hot water.

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