Detroit Diesel Series 60 Engines


Detroit Diesel has made a name for itself in the trucking industry. Though the company has produced several heavy-duty engines, its Series 60 line has been deemed one of the best. Some even say it’s Detroit’s most successful lineup to date. Launched in 1987, it was the first computer-controlled diesel engine. Series 60 engines are also known for their performance and longevity. While the company recommends overhauls after 750,000 miles, many of these engines have powered through more than a million miles before giving their owners any real trouble. 

All heavy-duty engines need ongoing maintenance, though, and the Series 60 is no different. Eventually, it’ll need a complete overhaul. When it does, you’ll need a rebuild kit that’s designed specifically for the detroit 60 series engine you have. 

Digging Into the Detroit Series 60

When the Detroit Diesel Series 60 engines first hit the market back in the ’80s, they were well-received. They quickly proved their worth in the world of heavy-duty drivetrains. They stood out from the beginning. As mentioned, they were the first of their kind to be computer controlled. They were also the first to feature overhead camshafts. They offered plenty of versatility, performance, and fuel-efficiency. Some people even found that they had more power than their advertising claims said. 

Detroit Diesel Series 60 engines were available in three versions: the 11.1-liter, 12.7-liter, and 14-liter. Each one offered more torque and horsepower than the next. They were used in different types of heavy-duty vehicles, including motorcoaches, buses, and 18-wheelers. Although these engines were discontinued in 2011, they continue to haul loads and keep their owners up and running. 

Keeping Your Series 60 Going

No matter how impressive the Series 60 motors are, they’re bound to give in to wear and tear. Over time, their performance and efficiency will start to decline while their emissions head in the opposite direction. When that happens, a rebuild kit can help to restore them. Why are rebuild kits essential for heavy-duty engine maintenance, though? Why would you need a rebuild kit for an overhaul?

Cost-Effectiveness and Practicality

Rebuilding an engine is usually more cost-effective than buying a new one. That’s especially true when you have a motor like a Series 60. After all, you may not even be able to find one to replace it with anymore. Buying a rebuild kit is more affordable and practical than individually purchasing each of the parts you’ll need for an overhaul, too. These kits come with everything you’ll need to get your Series 60 back in like-new condition. From bearings and vitron seals to cylinder liners and timing components, everything will be right there on hand. 

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Reduced Downtime

An overhaul kit can also reduce your downtime. Letting an engine run until it gives out is never a good idea, but stopping for maintenance can also be costly. You may know which parts you need, but ordering them all separately can lead to expensive mistakes. Everyone leaves out something, and performing an overhaul without even a single essential part can detract from the effectiveness of the job. It’ll lead to even more downtime than you planned for as well, costing you more money while you’re not on the road. With a complete rebuild kit, you won’t have to worry about all that. 

Customized Rebuilds

Not all Series 60 engines are the same. That means basic, generic rebuild kits may not meet your needs. With Heavy Duty Pros’ customized rebuild kits, you’ll get the exact parts you need to rebuild your specific engine. You’ll be able to complete the overhaul more quickly and effectively, so you can get back on the road as soon as possible. You’ll also have the added reassurance that comes with our quality and accuracy guarantees.

Making Sure Your Series 60 Lasts

Detroit Diesel’s Series 60 engines are built for the road, and they’re known for providing ultimate reliability. To keep them running at their best, though, you’ll need to perform routine maintenance. Eventually, that’ll include a complete overhaul. With a rebuild kit that’s designed specifically for your engine, you can make sure your Series 60 lasts as long as you need it to.