Biggest Challanhes You’ll Face As An International Medical Student 


You can master medical specialty while studying overseas, just like any other career. And despite the challenges of enrolling in such programs, people nevertheless manage to do it. For instance, 3% of medical students in the US are international.

Finding a program that will accept you is more challenging than studying medicine abroad, like when you choose the Study Medicine in Georgia. Numerous difficulties that they may encounter as international students are difficult to overcome.

What difficulties? Let’s take a look.

Learning A New Language 

It takes more than just a strong background in biology, chemistry, physics, and arithmetic to study medicine. It also pertains to your proficiency with particularly specialized vocabulary. Additionally, if your command of the local tongue is shaky, think about brushing up on it beforehand.

The explanation is straightforward: Before your classes begin, you won’t have had enough time to study the language. You won’t have much time for sleep because you’ll be studying so much for lectures and seminars. But that is how a medical student’s life is.

Make sure you are fluent in the language before making any preparations to Study Medicine in Europe in English. Getting a native speaker is the best course of action. It’s affordable; for instance, on Preply, you can get tutors for Portuguese pr English for as little as $5 per hour:

What makes a natural speaker preferable?

You need someone who is well-versed in the language and culture of the country you’re visiting, as well as the educational and medical systems. In this manner, you will have a link to maintain in case of misunderstandings.

Lack Of A Shadowing Period 

An opportunity to spend time at a possible employer studying physicians, nurses, and other medical professionals while learning essential information is known as a “shadowing period.” Any job that has a learning curve requires shadowing.

Sadly, not all medical programs are able to do that. For instance, in the 2017 study, medical students in the UK who participated in a survey on their experiences said that one of the drawbacks of becoming a doctor in that country was the absence of a shadowing period.

Do your homework before applying to a program, then. Find out if you’ll have access to internships that include shadowing opportunities and other chances to put your expertise to use.

Exam Pressure 

Medical school can be challenging. According to a study that polled medical students in the Middle East, the majority of them suffered extreme stress and even thought about quitting their studies completely. 

You must put serious effort into your study because you will be in charge of saving people’s lives. The weeks leading up to the exams will be the most difficult because even an easy pass would require a lot of studying. 

The worst aspect is that your support network will be little. So, if you’re not prepared for this kind of pressure, think twice before deciding to study medical. Alternately, consider enrolling in a local university or college.