Best Photobooth types offered by photobooth rental Dubai



Are you prepared to make your upcoming event one to remember with photobooth rental Dubai? The world of photo booths is the only place to look! These enchanted tools have the ability to capture your visitors’ pleasure and laughter while also stopping time. They have advanced beyond all reasonable expectations, from open-air marvels to futuristic inventions. 

Types of Photo Booths

1. Open-Air Photo Booth

Imagine posing for photos with your buddies while soaking up the sun. The outdoor photo booth adds the allure of nature to your celebration and captures unguarded moments against a beautiful backdrop. There are several different types of open-air booth designs. Some booths have simple setups where the camera, laptop, and printer are visible. Others are svelte, sophisticated devices that may be placed in any upscale store.

2. Classic Photo Booth

For those who adore the retro aesthetic, the traditional photobooth is a treasure filled with fond memories. Draw the curtain, enter, and let the flashes take you back in time to a time of grace and simplicity. The most popular kind is the traditional machine. Additionally, you will get a printout, often in the 4R size. 

For formal occasions like business conferences and roadshows, traditional photo booths are a reliable option.

3. GIF

Use GIFs to elevate your photographs to the next level! It takes several pictures and stitches them together to make a charming animation that perfectly captures the essence of your event.

4. GIF with Holographic Prints

Holographic prints can give your memories a little more enchantment. Watch how your GIFs transform into hypnotic holographic visuals that you can hold in your hands.

5. Enclosed Photo Booth

With the enclosed photobooth, you can create your own oasis. It encourages people to relax and express themselves freely, making it ideal for small groups. The enclosed photobooth device is the most similar to your old mall photobooth. 

6. Magic Mirror 

With its interactive elements, it does more than just snap pictures; it also lends an air of mysticism. A photobooth device posing as a full-length mirror is the magic mirror. Small design variants are offered by several businesses; some feature vintage-style frames, while others are sleek and contemporary.

It functions pretty much like a conventional photobooth. To take a selfie, simply touch the mirror. To receive it digitally, provide your email address or phone number. Almost all booths provide 4R prints. 

7. Slow-Motion Video Booth

Record joyous slow motion of dancing, confetti, and laughing. Ordinary acts become astonishing spectacles in the slow-motion video booth.

8. 180 Degree Photo Booth

Step into the 180-degree booth’s spinning platform so the camera can record you from all sides. There will be a flurry of fun and excitement.

9. 360 Degree Photo Booth

By using this, enter the circle of recollections. It ensures that no moment is missed by fully capturing your surroundings. With twice as many cameras, the 360-degree photobooth machine functions exactly like its 180-degree brother. As you can anticipate, the setup is considerably more complex and can take up a whole room.

10. Revolving Photo Booth

Allow your visitors to pose as the photobooth spins around them. Every photograph is enhanced by the surprise factor provided. A practical and economical alternative to the 360 degree photobooth is the rotating photobooth machine. You will stand on the platform, which can accommodate up to three or four people, and follow the camera as it pans around you while bringing your best dancing skills to the table. An immersive 360 degree video is what you receive. 

11. Green Screen 

With the help of the green screen booth, you can take your visitors anywhere or into an imaginary setting. Select a background from a selection of digital backdrops, then observe the magic happen.

12. AR (Augmented Reality) Photo Booth

Utilize augmented reality to enter the future. It produces innovative and futuristic images by superimposing digital components on the actual world. Choose from entertaining and engaging digital accessories that follow your facial expressions for humorous results.

13. Retro 

With this, travel back in time. It infuses your contemporary event with the allure of bygone eras with sepia tones and filmstrip-style prints. Ask for pictures of the equipment because the retro photobooth’s major selling point is how old-fashioned it appears. It resembles the traditional one very much. Most of them can also function as a GIF booths or even a booth for slow-motion videos.

14. Robot Photo Booth

The robotic photobooth wanders about your gathering, capturing spontaneous moments and giving a futuristic touch. 

15. Hashtag Printing Booth

Utilize the influence of social media by printing hashtags. Visitors can take pictures, utilize the hashtag for your event, and print their memories right away.

16. Array Photo Booth

A magnificent visual montage that perfectly captures the excitement of the moment is produced by the array photobooth, which takes a burst of images in a second. Multiple photos are simultaneously taken from various angles in an array photobooth to produce a 3D image. It is ideal for taking distinctive pictures that visitors can take as a keepsake.

17. Vogue Photo Booth

It was created to give your guests the impression that they are on a magazine cover. A high-end photobooth known as a “vogue photo booth” uses professional lighting & camera equipment to create photographs of studio quality.

18. Inflatable Photo Booth

It will provide a fun aspect. It’s an experience within an inflatable fantasy, not just a picture booth.

Think about the feelings and experiences you want to record as you prepare your event. Every kind of photobooth provides a special method to stop time and capture the spirit of your event. You have access to the whole spectrum of photobooths, from vintage allure to cutting-edge wonders.


Photobooths are not just simply tools, they’re also storytellers who turn memories into concrete moments. With so many options available, you can customize your photobooth rental services to match the theme and atmosphere of your event. Each option is a step toward creating an amazing experience, whether you want to embrace the present with AR technology or delve into the past with a vintage booth.

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