Best Offshore Zones for Your Business


Looking for an offshore jurisdiction that will be suitable for your business? This choice should be made very carefully as the right country with a suitable legal framework and pro-business conditions will help your company function seamlessly. Today’s offshores are no longer the countries used for illegal purposes, like money laundering, tax evasion, aggressive tax optimization, and so on. They fully comply with all international requirements, and their reputation is growing little by little. Offshore jurisdictions are still recommendable places for your business as they offer great perks!

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Present-Day Offshores

Offshores used to denote the countries that offered absolute tax exemption and anonymity to business owners. However, this is a thing of the past as automatic exchange of information is a must nowadays (otherwise, the jurisdiction has a chance to be blacklisted).

Today’s offshores refer to any country or territory that offers some advantages to non-resident entrepreneurs (lower taxes, simplified incorporation or reporting procedure, enhanced asset protection, and so on). They usually have a good international reputation.

The following characteristics are regarded as important:

  • Low taxes that help entrepreneurs maintain their businesses more easily
  • Reliable asset protection against lawsuits and fraudsters
  • High reputation in the world business market that makes it easier to conclude contracts, open bank accounts, and carry out other business operations

We usually divide the jurisdictions that have these advantages into three groups:

  • Offshores – those that were referred to as offshores some twenty years ago
  • Midshores – jurisdictions that have some features of offshores
  • Onshores – jurisdictions with high taxes that offer several offshore opportunities

Best Offshores


This tiny Caribbean pearl is well-known not only for its stunning sandy beaches but also for its affordable citizenship-by-investment program and advantageous conditions for setting up offshore companies.

Here are the main characteristics of Nevis:

  • No income, capital gains, or dividend tax
  • Not blacklisted by the EU or IRS
  • The robust banking sector makes it possible to open an account and take advantage of a wide range of financial services
  • Companies incorporated in Nevis enjoy the strongest asset protection in the world thanks to the peculiarities of the local legal framework

Marshall Islands

The Pacific jurisdiction is considered to be one of the safest offshore zones on the present-day landscape.

Here are the main advantages of the Marshall Islands you are sure to appreciate:

  • No income or capital gains taxes
  • One of the world’s largest marine vessels
  • It is associated with the United States
  • This is a great jurisdiction for trade in physical goods, e-commerce, and especially companies that are going to complete an IPO


Panama is a Central American midshore that has the following advantages:

  • It offers advanced confidentiality protection.
  • The country’s laws protect the investments of non-residents made in Panama’s economy.
  • You can acquire a Panama passport by making a certain investment.
  • The jurisdiction boasts a well-developed economy and provides excellent financial and offshore services (Panama Canal is excellent for trade).
  • Panama has a well-developed banking sector, and you can open accounts with local and international banks.
  • The country has a territorial taxation system, which means that you will not pay any taxes in Panama on the income obtained from foreign business operations.


Gibraltar is a European midshore where you can start a non-resident company on the following conditions:

  • No VAT is payable here.
  • You can open a bank account with a European bank to service your company.
  • The income obtained from foreign sources is not taxable.
  • Resident companies are subject to a corporate tax of 10%.
  • If you pay out dividends to non-residents of Gibraltar, you are not liable for any tax.
  • Gibraltar is a European jurisdiction, which gives direct access to European markets.


Hungary is an onshore, but it has some offshore elements. This EU member state offers the following conditions:

  • It will give you easy access to the European markets.
  • You will be able to set up an account with a European bank without much hassle.
  • The business tax rate is 9%.
  • Non-resident investments are protected by law in Hungary.


Estonia is a highly digitalized European country where you can do virtually anything online, from company incorporation to tax return submission. Here is what you can expect if you opt for Estonia to set up your business:

  • You will be able to easily set up a European bank account.
  • All European markets will be open to you.
  • You will be able to obtain licenses for e-wallets and crypto business.
  • You can take advantage of electronic residency to remotely control your company registered in Estonia.
  • If you reinvest profit in your business development, you will not pay any taxes on it.


Serbia is sometimes called the gateway to Europe, and it is on the verge of joining the EU. You can take advantage of the following benefits for business:

  • The corporate tax rate equals 15%.
  • If you invest in business, you will be able to easily obtain a residence permit.
  • The company or bank account can be opened fairly quickly.
  • You will have a chance to use special economic zones where you will not have to pay VAT or customs duties.
  • Take advantage of duty-free trade with the USA, European countries, and Russia.
  • Serbia has its own account insurance system, and your deposit will be insured for the amount of up to 50,000 euros.
  • You can open a branch of a non-resident company in Serbia (even if the parent company is incorporated in an offshore jurisdiction) and then open an account for it in Serbia. This is one of the easiest ways to open a European bank account for an offshore company.

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