Are Cooking Sim Games Actually That Fun? YES!


A part of the gamer community is scared. 

Video gaming is taking the Virtual Reality (VR) route. While most gamers are happy with it, some are not. 

But why? You can play almost any game, such as an action game, an RPG, or a simulation game such as driving or cooking games in VR. And that’s an interesting experience. 

Or is it?

The Inspiration for a Simulation Game

The VR experience is completely about the reality you are looking at. As a matter of fact, VR is the simulation experience we are somehow fascinated by. Although it’s in its testing phases, VR will grow and modify. 

And that might not be the cup of tea for a few gamers because they like that plain and old PC or handheld gaming experience. 

However, the philosophy behind VR games is simple simulation. And if you want to fight your way through armed robbers or hoards of zombies in VR experience, chances are you’ll choose cooking wearing a VR headset too. 

And that’s good for simulating the experience, isn’t it?

The advent of cooking games follows this philosophy of simulating an experience of cooking in the kitchen into the digital realm. 

The good news is you don’t need to invest in a VR headset for that. 

These games can be played online or offline with a gaming device such as your MacBook or your Android phone.

But are they proven to be healthy tools for your kids? We’ll learn about it here.  

Are Cooking Games worth the Time of Your Kid’s Childhood?

Cooking simulation is constructive exercise, don’t you think? They may not prepare warm food on your plate that you can chew on or slurp for real. But again, games like Star Chef and My Cafe teach you how to make food. And that’s good. 

These days, kids are intelligent, and not all of them are fueled by rushing through enemies and piles of monsters in an action RPG setup. Even if that’s the case with your kid, he or she might consider a virtual cafe experience a secondary game. 

But that’s for the gamers who are at the front. 

Kids from all age groups would love working with games like Star Chef and My Café because these games save them the hassles and the complexities of a kitchen in reality. They are fun and simple for the ‘fun and simple’ world of a child.

What Ways a Cooking Game May Benefit a Kid?

A cooking game might work on a kid’s mind in more than one way. Some of these ways have been proven in studies as well. We might discuss that in some other post. For now, we can take a look at the points below and find out how they help your kid in any positive way:

  • Cooking Games Are Entertaining and Educative at the Same Time 

Cooking games are very entertaining to kids. If your kid has played games such as Star Chef on mobile platforms, then you know how interesting a game can be. 

In fact, games such as these are reported to be less stressful than the common action-adventure games. 

But the real benefit of the cooking game is that it entertains and teaches your kid at the same time. It’s not a boring game for your child. At the same time, it does a great job at developing your kid’s essential skills. The next point can tell us more about that. 

  • It’s Great for Motor Skill Development through Self-Learning 

Motor skills are extremely important for your kid because they teach your kid to interact with nature and, before that, his or her own body. Yes, cooking in real life can teach your kids these skills better. 

Your kid may not like the kitchen (unless he or she is hungry). 

However, the youngster might find the kitchen in games such as Stat Chef an interesting place. Its top-down isometric style, simple and elegant graphics, and simple tasks help a kid to feel ‘free’ with the game.

Simulation cooking games help your kids simulate the experience in the way of making them think. Here, the game is the teacher encouraging your kid to go fully autopilot mode. This does help in getting the youngster to relate to the environment. 

  • Cooking Games May Help Your Kids Avoid the Danger of the Real Kitchen

Don’t you think that’s a logical point?

A cooking game is a simulation experience on a phone, a PC or a generic gaming device. You don’t have to take your kid to the kitchen. Frankly speaking, the kitchen is still dangerous for a youngster plainly because it has fire hazards, sharp kitchen utensils and, of course, products that might be harmful to your kid. 

Does it mean the kitchen is a ‘no-go’ zone for your kid? Not at all. Let him or her grow up a little.

In the meanwhile, introduce your child to a cooking game at a younger age. Let the child discover the kitchen more. Then comes the real trial!

Sounds too sci-fi? Well, don’t you think the textbooks do the same thing? 

To Conclude

If you’re a parent, you may not have gotten the chance to call a virtual restaurant ‘my café’. 

Your kids can. 

All you need to do is to download a cooking game that suits the personality of the youngster. For that, you may start doing research now. Or download one to understand how fun cooking games can be for a kid. 

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