Advantages of Becoming an Accountant


Deciding what you want to become when you get older is a question that you will be asked for many years before it’s even time to make that decision. As a young child you most likely said you wanted to be a teacher, a veterinarian, a singer, or an astronaut. Rarely will you ever hear a young child say that they want to become an accountant when they get older. Not many people know of the advantages there are when you decide to become an accountant. There are actually some interesting things you can do with an accounting career that may surprise you. It can be much more entertaining than you might know. Here are some advantages of becoming an accountant: many different career options, decent income, great job security, traveling opportunities, and business ownership opportunities. 

Many Different Career Options 

There is quite a diverse range of work opportunities that can be taken advantage of as an accountant that most people may not even know exist. There are Financial Advisors, Forensic Accountants, Certified Public Accountants, Staff Accountants, Financial Consultants, Investment Accountants, Management Accountants, Auditors, Project Accountants, Cost Accountants, accountant for contractors and many more. 

Decent Income 

Most accountants’ income ranges on quite a large scale, but the opportunity to be able to make a very decent living is a huge possibility. As of 2021, the range of income that accountants make range from $54,000-$102,000. Clearly, depending on which route you take, there is an opportunity to make a decent income. 

Great Job Security 

Literally any and all businesses need some type of accounting. Therefore, job security is definitely there. The need for an accountant is going to be very consistent and have long lasting longevity. The need for accountants is actually going to grow by 7% between 2020 and 2030 so there is obviously a need that continues to grow over time. Some of the most needed positions are auditors, bookkeepers, staff accountants, financial analysts, and controllers. 

Traveling Opportunities 

Most job positions require you to stay put and you’re not able to travel much for work if at all. Some accountants are able to even travel with their clients in certain situations. They may have it set up on purpose that they have clients in different areas so that they have the opportunity to travel. In this type of environment, they are able to do so since they mainly can work remotely. But also, traveling doesn’t have to be done, but it can be at least an option that some people might consider as a perfect job opportunity. 

Business Ownership Opportunities

If an accountant has obtained their CPA (Certified Public Accountant) they are able to open up their own business. This is a really cool possibility and opportunity for some because they might go into an accountant career not knowing yet if they want to own their own business, but the opportunity is a possibility as an accountant as long as their CPA is obtained.