40 Minutes with Dennis Fountaine: A Dive into Invention and Innovation


Sydney Carver, Technology Enthusiast


Have you ever pondered the genesis of new products and technologies? How do they evolve from mere idea to tangible items we buy and use in our daily lives?

Intrigued by the process of invention, I connected with Dennis Fountaine, a renowned technologist and inventor, hailed as one of America’s Top 100 Inventors. Dennis graciously devoted 40 minutes of his time to answering my inquiries.

Sydney: Dennis, could you share how your journey in invention began?

Dennis: Greetings, Sydney. Thank you for reaching out. It all started in an unconventional manner. At the tender age of 8, I embarked on my first inventive venture. While other kids in the neighborhood ran lemonade stands, I sought innovation. I concocted a contraption using an old piece of wood, nails, and an electrical cord to cook and vend hot dogs. However, it turned out to be a potentially hazardous electrical setup, swiftly ending my hot dog career. Nonetheless, that experience ignited my passion for invention and entrepreneurship.

Sydney: That’s quite the electrifying start! What was your breakthrough invention?

Dennis: During my stint in a video production company, serendipity struck. A chance encounter led to a request for video products for service members to connect with loved ones. Thus, the Video Capsule was born—a video recording booth akin to photo booths, tailored for military personnel stationed abroad.

Sydney: Fascinating how you merged your expertise into invention! And your most triumphant creation?

Dennis: Undoubtedly, my Bluetooth wireless earpiece for mobile phones ranks as my pinnacle achievement. It was among the earliest wireless earpieces integrated with Bluetooth technology, liberating users from the hassle of cords and cables.

Sydney: Truly impressive! And your personal favorite?

Dennis: There are several cherished endeavors, though not all saw the light of day. Among them, Motion Memory—a gamified yoga floor mat aimed at enhancing both physical fitness and cognitive abilities. Additionally, I dabbled in ice cream desserts and pet products, showcasing a diverse range of interests.

Sydney: Your versatility is remarkable! Is there a typical success rate for inventors?

Dennis: Success hinges on timing and foresight. Many of my innovations were ahead of their time, finding fruition years later in the hands of others. Generally, only a fraction of ideas materialize into market successes, emphasizing the importance of strategic timing and thorough market research.

Sydney: Your insights are invaluable. Any advice for budding inventors?

Dennis: Firstly, conduct comprehensive market research before investing resources. Remain objective about your ideas, as attachment can hinder progress. Favor licensing over independent production to alleviate logistical burdens. And always remember Edison’s dictum: “Find out what the world needs, and then invent it.”

Sydney: Sound counsel! What projects are you currently pursuing?

Dennis: Interestingly, I’m exploring a novel concept—electronic press-on nails for women. This innovation allows instant color changes via a mobile app, revolutionizing nail aesthetics without the hassle of traditional methods.

Sydney: That’s groundbreaking! How did you conceive such a unique idea?

Dennis: A past experience at nail salons spurred this endeavor. The quest for a simpler alternative lingered until the right materials and technology aligned. Sometimes, the best ideas simmer until the opportune moment.

Sydney: Your ingenuity knows no bounds! What’s on the horizon for you?

Dennis: Among other ventures, I’m developing a pioneering approach to facilitate connections in the realm of dating and relationships, promising an exciting avenue for fostering meaningful connections.

Sydney: Count me intrigued! Can we expect another enlightening conversation soon?

Dennis: Absolutely! We’ve merely scratched the surface of innovation.

Sydney: It’s been an electrifying discussion! Thank you, Dennis, for sharing your brilliance with us.

Dennis: The pleasure was mine. Until next time!

Sydney: I eagerly await our next rendezvous. Dennis Fountaine, an inventor ahead of his time, leaving us inspired and captivated.