3 Best Time Clock Kiosk Apps 2023 Revolutionizing Workforce Management

Time Clock Kiosk App

Having the right tools in your arsenal is a must if you want to grow your brand, make your employees happy, and create an environment where everyone will thrive. Nowadays there are a lot of options that we can choose from, and picking the right tool for management can make or break your organization. In this article, we are going to help you revolutionize workforce management and we will tell you which are some of the best time clock kiosk app systems for 2023. 

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    Buddy Punch provides a transformative approach to workforce management, enabling workers to seamlessly log hours across a variety of devices. Users can conveniently punch in using a QR Code system or by entering a simple 4-digit PIN. For added security and authenticity, the platform offers an option to capture photos upon each punch-in. Addressing accountability features such as Geofencing restrict logins to specific locations, while IP Address Locking allows access only from designated networks or devices. 

    Beyond time tracking, this time clock kiosk app excels in streamlining payroll processes. It offers automated calculations, on-demand report generation, and smooth integration with leading payroll providers. Furthermore, the software’s market reception is a testament to its efficacy, boasting a notable 4.8 stars on Capterra from almost 700 reviews, praised for its user-centric design and exemplary support.


    Homebase stands out as a comprehensive team management solution tailored for small businesses, covering a wide array of HR functionalities. Beyond the standard time clock capabilities, it provides tools for scheduling, messaging, payroll processing, hiring, onboarding, and labor compliance. Accessibility is a highlight, with features available from phones or kiosks, accommodating teams that are constantly on the move. Its GPS time clock, compatible with various devices, offers geofencing to ensure employees clock in within specified areas. 

    A distinct feature is the built-in messaging, allowing managers to swiftly communicate with tardy workers. Although this time clock kiosk app doesn’t encompass task or mileage tracking, its breadth of features and affordability make it a prominent option. The pricing is tiered, starting with a free version and scaling up based on feature sets, with discounts for annual commitments. Moreover, their responsive support team, reachable through email or chat, ensures users have a seamless experience.


    Tommy is a straightforward time clock kiosk app that facilitates clocking in and out using a PIN. For those valuing authenticity, there’s an option to photograph workers during clock-in, though it isn’t mandatory. This flexibility can be seen as a gesture of trust towards staff in smaller setups. While the kiosk provides basic functionalities, it doesn’t support advanced tasks like entering job codes or allowing workers to review their worked hours. 

    Superiors can, however, identify who’s currently working via the kiosk. Tommy’s strength lies in its integration with its own shift scheduling software, offering an intuitive drag-and-drop interface. The kiosk time clock app can also export its data for payroll processes on popular platforms. Notably, it supports up to 200 users for free and includes Chinese language support. On the downside, the kiosk lacks payroll integrations and self-service tools for employees. 

    Any of these kiosk time clock app systems would be a good fit for your brand, as long as you take your time to delve deeper into the features and figure out which one would be the best. Utilize the digital age and don’t postpone implementing a platform that would make your brand much better.